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 Blake Amell

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PostSubject: Blake Amell   Mon May 02, 2011 2:50 pm

Name: Blake Amell

Race: Human, Abjurer

Age: 29

Physical Description: female, brunette, gray eyes, athletic build


Blake was the second to youngest child in family of 5 children. The only female of the five children she grew up as 'one of the boys.' Always trying to live up to the example her brothers provided. Of all her brothers Philippe was the one she idolized. However she failed to see that he was a driven man and didn't follow in his rather deliberate footsteps.

As a child she was constantly trying her parents with her antics and misdemeanors in the streets of Enedost. As she grew older the incidents become more serious until, finally, distraught with how to bring her into line they gave her two choices, marry the suitor they had chosen for her or join the Bowman army.

Blake easily chose to join the fighting force of the Bowman's, ending back with following her favorite brother, Phillippe into the military service. The discipline provided by the Bowman army did her well, quickly forcing her into a mold that would serve the greater good, giving her purpose and meaning in her life. However she maintained the essence of herself, a quick wit and quicker tongue.

She'd been a novice Abjurer when she joined, but the strict discipline and education provided by her employer quickly moved her to the position of a specialist Abjurer within the Bowman forces. Her natural ability of artful deception and quick movement placed her into a scouting position within her company. Over the years, with hard work she moved upward in the ranks, acquiring the leadership at the sergeant level, of her own squad of scouts by the age of 28.
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Blake Amell
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