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 Septon Vasper Jennsen, Brodurr to the Porro Septon

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PostSubject: Septon Vasper Jennsen, Brodurr to the Porro Septon   Mon May 02, 2011 2:52 pm

Name: Vasper (Evening Star) Jennsen
Race: Human/Argona
Age: 32
Physical Description: tall and slim, marked on his chest with a birthmark resembling a sword
Primary Magic: Alteration
Secondary Magic: Conjuration

Vasper's parents were Umbrans who came to Argona when the man's mother was still pregnant. They were seeking a better life among the nonmagicals hoping to make money on their talent for Alternation and Conjuration. They settled in Vanadesse where Vasper was born and spent the first five years of his life, it was time of which the man has almost no memories.

When Vasper was five his father died of pneumonia leaving him and his mother without any savings. Since Argona law didn't allow women to inherit any property both the mother and Vasper had no home. In Vanadesse shelter for the homeless Vasper's mark was noticed by a Septon; that day was the last in his mother's life while his in the brotherhood of the Prime had only started.

Having inherited magics from his parents Vasper's talent was read by a Diviner and apart from learning about Altus he was trained in Alternation, Conjuration, sword fighting, horse riding, archery, and foreign languages of Umbra and Topeli. It soon turned out that the boy's strength was perfectionism in tasks laid upon him.

At the age of 20 he was noticed by Septon Raidel, the teacher of great Porro Mace, who appreciated the man's devotion and hard work. After almost six years of loyal service as Raidel's Brodurr, Vasper was honored with the position of the Arwein of Bolkov town. It was there where he was introduced to Septon Mace. The Porro acknowledged Vasper's experience and when Vasper turned 30, he was assigned to the position of Brodurr to the Porro Septon.

The young man had always been grateful to Altus for directing him to the greatest minds of the Prime, Raidel and Mace. Both men made sure Vasper progressed in his study of magic and kept him busy with duties that were to worship and honor Altus as well as train Vasper in loyalty, devotion and modesty.

The man is very devoted to his Porro and even though Septon god speaks only to the High Septon, the young man sees Mace as both his leader and the voice of the almighty Altus.
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Septon Vasper Jennsen, Brodurr to the Porro Septon
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