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 Ruonna Tyrzea

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Ruonna Tyrzea
Ruonna Tyrzea

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Name: Ruonna Tyrzea

Race: Half Elf

Age: 90

Magic: Illusion

Physical Description:
Ruonna Tyrzea Queen-gorgo-lena-headey

Ruonna was born in Saregorod while the kingdom was just setting its roots. Her father a member of the Gyssetylar clan left after consummating with her mother leaving her to raise the child alone. Her mother Kelsea was of the Weaver clan and raised her daughter with no thought of her race or different appearances.

It was not until warriors from the clan came to her door and saw the ears of the young woman that she found out the disturbing truth about the kingdom. Ruonna was able to escape but unfortunately her mother did not, she watched while her mother burned alive in her childhood home unable to help her.

For many years Ruonna wandered Umbra seeking others like her, eventually she found many like her including the one who changed her life forever, Shaiat Dwinanea. He along with a few others wanted to change Umbra and the way they treated the half elves. Joining his army along with many others she engaged in battle few times against the Hathornok and Riccio clans who wanted to destroy the half elf movement.

After proving herself in battle she was promoted and rose through the ranks until she herself lead several cohorts under the direct command of Shaiat himself. She helped him find the mountain pass in Saregorod that eventually became the site of the Dwinanea Conclave. After saving the army from a surprise attack by the Riccio army she was made general and given the highest regard by the half elves. Shaiat and her grew close over time, first in friendship and then in love.

Ruonna now a general, had everything she ever wanted, a family, a place in the world, and a love for a good man, but unfortunately that is not the end of her story.
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Ruonna Tyrzea
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