Kingdom of Umbra

Umbra, Argona, Rhodd Duw, Topeli, Stef Khar and... what's that one we never use? Oh yeah, Manannan.
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 Names in Umbra

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PostSubject: Names in Umbra   Thu Dec 22, 2011 2:58 pm

Gyssetylar, Clan of the Healers from Poznan Uialtum, Twilight Valley
Adoeak Harpsorcerer, Ev, Corin for his mission in Argona, blacksmith, spy
Adoven Pegason, the Bard, Swordsman
Aeroth, Lymus's daughter
Aiofe Dawntracker, A, a healer
Alimorel Darksbane, the Merciless/fighter, leader of the staff fighters, second daughter of Therella and Searos
Altric Wolfsbane, a dragon rider from the Ivanstar Empire times, green Durnehviir was his dragon
Alitranna Darksbane, Rogue, black sheep daughter of Therella and Searos
Aliuvial Darksbane, leader of blackguard, first born daughter of Therella and Searos
Anna Darksbane
Davan, Fallon's mother
Davin, father of Norgretor
Davlamin Dawntracker, the Unmatched Sorcerer, Lord of the Realm, I/C
Durnehviir, a green dragon of Altric Wolfsbane
Eilella Mistletoe, the Sorcerer Elder
Ekkalia Paturass Nightowl, D
Gazelle, messenger
Gerard, messenger and spy
Graceella Woodsoul, Loraaga's mother, Lymus's sister
Graroar Huntinghawk, the Farmer, milkman
Hans, warrior spy
Huron, warrior scout
Jazalyn Moondust, Zarail’s fiancée
Karl, Ekkalia's son
Kevriltale, Vestiro's son
Krandor Kevriltale, Ranger, guard
Lasar, one of the explorers who discovered the Osalria island and shapeshifters
Leoamros Gladomain, Loraaga's father
Lily, personal assistant for Woodsoul
Loraaga Gladomain, Clan Leader, Ev/A, Rose-Enedost mission nickname
Lorakahn Arborshate, the Shadowdancer, Knife thrower, Ricgretor's mate
Lucas, warrior
Lymus Woodsoul, Minister of Environment, Lord of the Realm, Loraaga’s uncle
Lyolf, Adoeak Harpsorcerer's wolf
Mardak Joysword, the Defender
Misha warrior
Nora, healer
Norgretor Arborshate, the Armorer, only child of Lorakahn and Davin
Norroar Moonshadow, the Cook, veterinarian
Panian Forgedawn, Silent Fighter,Thandie Taletreader father
Paul, Ekkalia's son
Rachael Pegason, Aeroth
Reeds, Chamberlain to Lymus
Rhoswen Head Cook
Riceak Mistletoe, Tyrantfeller Elder
Ricgretor Mistletoe, the Sorcerer, Archer, Loraaga's cousin
Searos Darksbane, the Dwarven Defender, Therella's spouse
Stoaga Taletreader, Thandie's mother
Thandie Taletreader, Minister of Environment
Therella Darksbane, the Assassin, friend and in charge of the clan in Loraaga's absence
Ultan, Fallon's father
Vega warrior spy
Vestiro, spy
Violet personal assistant for Woodsoul
Xankas Taletreader, Thandie's father
Xenit, warrior scout
Zanven Bearcharger, house guard
Zarail Woodsoul, Lymus's brother

Adoeak Harpsorcerer's spies
Aleviel Dwinanea, Ev/ I
Eran Bowman, Ev
Nox Bowman, A
Saedd Gyssetylar, Ev/ I

Sisters of Artemus
Mother of Compound

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PostSubject: Re: Names in Umbra   Thu Dec 22, 2011 3:00 pm

Aleanvirrea, the Noble Line of Success from Poznan
Aerlinniel Ladenves, Neema's mother
Adiannon Aleanvirrea, Minister of Culture and Health, Adiannon Santhil, gifted, called Adia, Ev, Bereclan and Alqua's daughter
Aelrindel, an archer
Alqua Fearath, was to be Bereclan's bride
Annette, Adia's handmaid
Audrey, Adia's handmaid
Beleganu Gondolin, mighty man, D, messenger
Bereclan Aleanvirrea, Ev, Co-leader
Bregfinn, Chief of Elleth's Guards, Aleanvirrea general, deceased
Dintaithar Celebduin, Maitria's mother
Elleth Skansom Ladenves-Aleanvirrea, Co-leader, D, Bereclan's wife, healer
Elspeth Nerine Ladenves, Myk's sister, T
Erumaren Eruantien, Jesse - God exists, Mathew - Gift of God, Ev/T, cousin to Gyssetylars, Aleanvirrea general
Feranes Aleanvirrea, deceased leader of the Clan, Bereclan's mother
Grate, Minister of Culture and Health, cry/weep, a healer, Medlidenhet's twin brother
Helbrede Lavendes, heal, Elleth and Baelathali's father, Malefesto's healer, deceased, D/I
Helehuianu, overseer of the conclave
Imlad Ladenves, D/C, Helbrede's father
Kassina Aleanvirrea, Aida's mother's fake name
Neaniver Gondolin, Beleganu's son, D, messenger
Medlidenhet, compassion/mercy, healer, Grate's twin brother
Myk Ladenves, C, Elleth's servant, healer, deceased
Rovain, T/I Helbrede's mother

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PostSubject: Re: Names in Umbra   Thu Dec 22, 2011 3:02 pm

Dwinanea, Walkers in the Night from Saregorod

Aleviel Dwinanea, Adoeak's spy, Ev/I
Banegurth Dwinanea, beautiful dying, Clan Leader
Beriadan Dwinanea, Alexander-Defender of Men, Banegurth's son, Chief of Guards in Royal Palace of Enedost, I
Blake Talos, Onnyi's wife, formerly Amell of Bowmans
Cashar, captain
Caelen, Arrow maker, a guard, father of Maitria's two adult children, killed by Maitria
Danik Dwinanea, clan's co-leader, killed in the battle of Imladannon
Daugion, Hound Hell
Drjovar, a guard in the Royal Palace
Ebenezer Dwerryhouse, bank clerk
Evian, lieutenant
Hurin Dwinanea, A/N
Jainya Songrat, Maldeth Kaglrar's mother
Jar Maldeth Kaglrar, real name Noraan, N, once Maitria's mentor
Laurina, golden, daughter of Maitria and Caelan
Liro Songrat, Maldeth Kaglrar's father
Lithônion, a blacksmith
Losto're, empty heart, son of Maitria and Caelan, tortured and killed by Valora Bowman and Quintus Riccio
Locien Xantrani, Minister of Treasury
Maitria Nethrana, N/I, death dancer, Fiona-Enedost mission nickname
Max, blacksmith
Melange, a guard in the Necromancy School
Merlin, Illusionist, Serlin's twin brother
Mylaer Thylisi, the Goddess worshiped by the Dwinanea
Nessimon, Hell Hound
Onnyi Talos, mercenary, former co-leader, Maitria's brother on their mother side
Paerys, Destroyer, a title of a co-leader
Rosalind, T, killed by MOAM
Ruonna Tyrzea, former general, I
Serlin, Illusionts, Merlin's twin brother
Shaiat Dwinanea, Banegurth's father
Shala, Conjurer, manager of the house in the Royal Palace of Enedost
Taerys, Creator, a title of a co-leader
Thomus, killed in the battle of Imladannon
Tanna Gwaelon, Minister of Treasury
Tiny, a nickname of the Royal Palace baker who is a man of a rather large built
Útíradien, Hell Hound
Valdaglerion, Beriadan's second in command, Hell Hound

Beriadan Dwinanea's Hell Hounds/Royal Guards

Almárëa, Blessed, E specialist
Daugion, Of the army, T specialist
Drjovar, Evoker
Eraisuithon, Who is like God, D specialist
(Hurin), A
Meldarion, Beloved, A specialist, killed by Maitria
Merlin, I, Serlin's twin brother
Nessimon, Youthful, Ev specialist
Serlin, I, Merlin's twin brother, died in an teleporting accident
Valdaglerion, Worthy or praise, C specialist, second in command
Útíradien, killed in the Battle of Enedost

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PostSubject: Re: Names in Umbra   Thu Dec 22, 2011 3:04 pm

Nethrana, Young Wanderers
Aranel Nethrana, princess in elven, Utrop and Bronwyn's daughter
Arto Orist, Clan Leader
Avisbud Nethrana, Royal Messenger, D
Blomst, flower/gloom, servant, killed by Riccio
Formue, happiness, D messenger, killed by Septons
Forstand Nethrana, mind/sense, Utrop's father, died in an accident during a hunt in Redsel Forest
Hera Sinaran, Minister of Education
Lyse Nethrana, to burn/to give light, Utrop and Shosanna's son
Sadron Haladar, Minister of Education
Sara Nethrana, princess in Feachnoiri, Utrop and Bronwyn's daughter
Stillhet Nethrana, silence, Utrop's sister, killed by Ricco knights
Utrop Nethrana, sixth King of Umbra, roar, A, Rolig-silent, Edhelesgal-hidden elf, Farad-chase, seek

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PostSubject: Re: Names in Umbra   Thu Dec 22, 2011 3:04 pm

Gwaithenruin, People of the Red Flame from Amondor
Aeron Perian, T/D, Clan Leader, Enedost Governor
Arbellason, Arthur-noble strength, in charge of the clan in Aeron's absence, killed by Dacian
Beriana Alagos, Minister of Agriculture
Caelara Perian, raped by Riccio's men, Aeron's cousin, committed a suicide
Corellon Larethian, name used to describe God
Duranhir Alagos, Eleder, Dark Lord of the Storm
Eirti, killed by Riccio's men
Emerwen Arda, Aeron's mother
Geleth, killed by Riccio's men
Laermeluion, man with a sweet song
Landon Gwaithenruin, Minister of Agriculture
Maenthel, Maen-skilled, thel-sister, servant
Mereth Tur, mare-eth toor, Feast Master
Nestarion, name means Healer
Rondor, killed by Riccio's men
Shosanna Eldhwen, N, maiden from whom it is hidden, Aeron's Ward
Sumiten, Necromancer, Harkin's friend
Taurhassdorien, Land of the High Cliffs, General
Thadrim, Vigilant Flier
Thorontur, Power of an Eagle
Throsar Hlaeneldth, lore seeker, seers of the arcane
Tuanu, Strong Man
Tur Perian, Aeron's father

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PostSubject: Re: Names in Umbra   Thu Dec 22, 2011 3:06 pm

Moretti (former Riccio and Obscurum) from Tarsus

Agrippina, Floriana's friend
Aliathiana Ladenves, Minister of Defense, I, E
Alexander Moretti, Darius and Floriana's son
Antonio Tamin, Governor of Genova
Antonius, Castus's brother, killed by Castus
Augustus Bonifacio, Governor of Costa de Luca
Baelathali Lavendes, Minister of Defense, guardian of shadows, former Doyen, Ev/N
Borias, killed by Kyrian when saving Calisto
Brina Kavanagh, Enedost Overseer, Obscurum
Brutus Ricco, brother of Maximus, Quintus's father
Camilla, Riccio Governor's wife
Carlo, an architect
Cassandra Riccio, Castus's wife
Cassia Lombardi, Portia's daughter
Castus Proximo Riccio, Ev, former clan's leader, killed by Aeron Perian
Cato Ermes, former Governor of Riccio
Cicero, Damion and Junia's lover, turned into a vampire by Percy, killed by Draco
Cornelius Riccio, Quintus and Floriana's brother, killed by Neema
Crispus Riccio, Quintus and Floriana's brother, killed by Neema
Damon Gentille, Renea's former sweetheart, turned into a vampire by Percy, killed by Draco
Dario, Captain of Riccio's Knights
Darlo Trunios
Darius Moretti, I, Co-leader, Castus Riccio's son, Hans/Hansel-Enedost mission nickname
Delucci, governor from Tarsus
Diana Trunios, turned into a vampire by Percy, killed by Draco
Doyen Firdeth, the founder of the Obscurum Order
Doyen Laryl, Obscurum
Elis, an actor from the Enedost Theater of Nine Muses
Evander Thanos, Captain of Riccio's Knights
Falco, one of the servants in the Petri house
Finae, servant, Obscurum
Franco, killed by Baelathali for betrayal, Obscurum
Franco, Portia's lover
Gabrielle, servant
Gaius, Castus's servant
Gallus Livio, Governor of Castilla
Garten Petri, Trevor's father
Gerogio Delluci, Governor Oriana's brother
Giorgio Alena, owner of The Castillan newspaper
Giovanni Riccio, Castus's son
Gunry, Riley Cian's officer
Harkin Soren, N/T, Trevor's captain
Helen Petri, Trevor's mother
Hatchel, Obscurum, Darius's assistant, killed in the battle of Imladannon
Isabel Riccio, raped by her cousin Castus and sent away to Tarsus, married Rhys Mostrom
Jarius Riccio, killed in Fager Borg
Junia Gentille, Damion's wife, turned into a vampire by Percy, killed by Draco
Larrel, a half-elven guard, Letitia's lover
Letitia Marina Gallo, T/E, once Floriana's servant, Darius's assistant and lover
Liliana Moretti, Darius and Floriana's daughter
Lotena Gentelli
Lucius Trunios, former governor of Dobra
Markus, killed at Dwinanea estate
Maximus, Castus's father
Meridith, Floriana's handmaid
Milo Bonifacio, cook
Nelly, keeper of the safe house in Redsel Forest, Obscurum
Nerlis, hired to burn Two Kegs
Olivia, Darius's first wife, deceased
Oriana Delucci, Governor of Cosette
Paulo Ermes, Governor of Riccio
Paris, Letitia Gallo and Darius Moretti's bastard son
Portia Lombardi
Quintus Varius Riccio, D, clan's former general
Raymond Delucci, Riley Cian's father
Rastagan, hired to burn Two Kegs
Renea Petri, Co-leader, Darius's wife, Trevor's sister
Remus, N, Harkin's friend
Riley Cian Ev,T
Sahanine Lafash, the Goddess of Shadows worshiped by the Obscurum Order
Santino Russo-Dobra, Governor of Aloria
Saviel, Ev/E
Sovereign Edward, Doyen in the Ordinars' Kingdom, Darius's friend, Obscurum
Tamin, Genova's Mayor
Thompson, a guard
Trevor Petri, C/T, clan's general

Governors of respective cities in the Province of Tarsus

Antonio Tamin-Genova
Augustus Bonifacio-Costa de Luca
Gallus Livio-Castilla
Oriana Delucci-Cosette
Paulo Ermes-Riccio
Santino Russo-Dobra - Aloria

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PostSubject: Re: Names in Umbra   Thu Dec 22, 2011 3:07 pm

Féachnóirí from Saregorod
Aidan Feachnoiri, former Councilman
Aoife Feachnoiri, Aidan's wife
Atlaf Farchadainn, a warrior
Bradan, Illusionist
Bran Keenan, Letitia's ex-finance
Bronwyn Féachnóirí Airlám, Clan Leader, Aidan's daughter
Brooker, Ronan's dog
Caderyn, soldier
Caoibhe Féachnóirí, Aidan's mother
Celestia, Priestess
Conn, Bronwyn and Ronan's dog from childhood
Cú, called Slumber by Rue, Fionn's dog
Dani Dorja, Kyrian's wife, deceased
Earin, Kyrian's friend
Eilis Airlám, Minister of Infrastructure, Bronwyn's sister-in-law
Fionn ó Amadán, clan's former leader
Frogan Feachnoiri, great-uncle to Bronwyn Feachnoiri Airlam, Feachnoiri Clan Historian, Elder, Storyteller, Castle Groundskeepers, Mead Expert, and part-time Druid
General Brian Boru, deceased
General Diarmuid Mac Muireadh, deceased
General Eric the Red, deceased
Kia Kavanagh, Brina's mother, deceased
Kyrian Dorja, a knight
Limmore, Bronwyn's home village
Larkan Airlám, killed by a Bowman warrior, husband to Bronwyn
Lorcan, Bronwyn and Larkan's son
Maedoc, soldier
Maeve, Fionn's mother
Mallochy Feachnoiri, Aidan's father
Muldoon, died at Gwaithenruin Enclave battle
Myrna, Bronwyn and Larkan's daughter
Nikos Kavanagh, Brina's father
Olaf Farchadainn, a warrior
Ronan Neil Feachnoiri, Minister of Infrastructure, Aidan's son, N
Ravensdale, Fionn's home village
Tulla, Lorcan and Myrna's babysitter
Uther, Bronwyn's date

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PostSubject: Re: Names in Umbra   Thu Dec 22, 2011 3:09 pm

Weavers from Imladannon in Poznan

Allen, a servant
Alva Doyle, cohort captain, sister of Gavin and Lavek Doyle, I/D
Anna, Kylo's wife, died in fever
Arcadius O'Brien, leader of the O'Brien family, killed by Septons
Atropos Weaver, killed by Maitria, former clan's leader and councilwoman
Beck, an older man who served in the Weaver army before becoming a tutor for fellow Illusionists, also skilled in Ratiodeleo
Caden Drake, Rue's son
Calisto Lete Drake Weaver, seek, E, former clan's leader and councilwoman, Gretel-Enedost mission nickname
Cameron Weaver, Colin and Rue's son
Colin Weaver, Ev, Clan Leader, Marion's son
Connor, Silvie Quinn and David Connor's son
Corrina, manager of the house in the Weaver Palace in Imladannon
David Connor, A, errand boy
Eamon O'Brien, captain, killed by Septons
Emer, Colin's first officer, died in the battle of Enedost
Eric Weaver, Maitria's father
Erica, a shop assistant in the Weaver shop
Forutse, foresee, D messenger, killed by Mace and Samuel
Gavin Doyle, D/E, messenger
Dollan, kitchen staff
Gudinne Weaver, Himmel's wife, killed by Maitria when with child
Hadley Dechain, Calisto's grandfather, Shosanna's brother
Hazel, healer
Himmel Weaver, Atropos's son, killed by Maitria
Jamie O'Brien, Nessa's brother, E, A
Jonathon Blackscales, captain of a pirate ship
Jarek, Necromancer, Harkin's friend
Kane Doyle, tribute, captain, killed by Septons
Kelsea Weaver, Ruonna Tyrzea's mother
Kylo Skene, a herbalist from Poznan, a werewolf turned accidentally by Silvie
Lavek Doyle, killed in battle of Imladannon
Lete Drake, Calisto's mother, Marked
Lorna O'Brien
Marion Weaver, Atropos's daughter, died giving birth to Colin
Meralyn O'Brien, Minister of Justice, Jamie and Nessa's sister
Merida, Kylo's deceased mother
Mildred, laundry staff
Morgaine Drake, Rue's aunt
Morlen Skene
Nevan Connor, holy, captain, killed by Septons
Nessa O'Brien, A/T, captain
Nevin Dechain
Niamh, Rue's horse
Nyla Drake, Rue's mother
Osla Dachian
Paltek Skene, Minister of Justice
Ronald Pehloff, a young Apprentice Evoker, chef
Rose, a servant
Rue Drake, Calisto's cousin
Rykan, guard, Abjurer
Sarah Drake, Rue's cousin who raised Caden, killed by Rue Drake
Silvie Quinn, A, seamstress
Taryn Cayla O’Brien, Nessa O'Brien and Septon Samuel's daughter
Tomas O'Brien, Nessa's father, Arcadius's brother
Shosanna Eldhwen, Calisto's great aunt, Prince Lyse Nethrana's birth mother
Sorg Drake, Calisto's father
Stuart, Rue's pet mouse, murdered by Maitria
Taren Faal, Caden's father, murdered
Willem, Arcadius O'Brien's son, deceased
Wren, Rue's pet mouse, died of natural causes
Zenobia (Zenon, Zenek, Zen), Utrop's friend met in Nesalenium

Weaver family names

the Connors
the Dechains
the Doyles
the Drakes
the Moores
the O'Briens
the Quinns
the Skenes

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PostSubject: Re: Names in Umbra   Thu Dec 22, 2011 3:09 pm

Abasi (stern), D messenger
Acheri (Enemy) Odion (Brother Twin) Chattes, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dalila's twin brother, C/A
Dalila (Gentle) Kissa (Sister Twin) Chattes, heiress to the Chattes clan, Acheri's twin sister, E/D, Layla Ives, Clan Leader
Darakai (happy) Chattes, father to Acheri and Dalila, died of pneumonia
Hasina, good, the cook
Jabar, snake charmer, Dalila's lover
Lotus, the name of the Flower shop
Manon Chattes, former clan's leader, killed by Castus Riccio
Musa, Dalila's pet snake
Nabirye (mother of twins) Chattes, mother to Archeri and Dalila, died of pneumonia
Niobe, Dalila's servant
Soni Vaprha, Minister of Foreign Affairs
Zahur (flower), florist

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PostSubject: Re: Names in Umbra   Thu Dec 22, 2011 3:11 pm

Lughnor (Septons/Knights of Altus)

Alan, student
Altus, name of the higher power in Primoris Mandatum religion
Angus, sword master
Arthur, Septon whose identity used Bereclan
Armel Ferro, Topeli sword master
Arn, a Knight from Argona that wed Marion and Godric
Arwein, head Septon of a city, or country province
Aspen, from Topeli
Badrick Swat (read: svaht), axe ruler, potion master, Headmaster
Baltar, Nathan's childhood friend
Bashel, in charge of Brispon, killed by Neema
Blythe, a woman from Fridio farm
Boris, a knife master, a street performer
Brodurr, an assistant to positioned Septons
Burlon, Markus Soren's friend, Proditor
Calisto Lughnor, seek, E, Uxor/Minister of Magic, Gretel-Enedost mission nickname
Clare Franklinn, D, former High Septon's real name
Clarence Fudlin, former High Septon's real name when she hid her sex
Cole, former High Septon's name from before becoming the leader
Dane Fembringer, creator, former High's Brodurr and Porro, D/A, Mace's son
Damian, student
Darren, history teacher
Em drysors, Soul Gems
Fridio farm
Gavin Doyle, D/E, Calisto's messenger
Gilbert Faust, Continued Growth and Public Relations
Gwen, a woman from Fridio farm
Gluio Wombarrrrd, was in charge of Rhunbarad
High Septon
Jace, of Rhodd Duw
Jeremy Balik, an elder teacher of Religion, Ethics and Ideology, Umbran Athair
Joachim, student
Josip, healer
Josha Menrue, Argona blade master
Justin, Stannis's friend, works in the apothecary
Launce Darrson
Lynnianna (Lynni), Calisto's red dragon
Lysander Salvador (Sal, Zander), left the temple after being turned into a werewolf
Lucas Wysocki, Stannis's son
Mace Lughnor, High Septon/Clan Leader
Magaera, Lucas's mother
Markus Soren, Proditor, Galen for his mission in Umbra, killed by Maitria to bring back Baelathali in his body
Marw, a Septon destined to die for Altus
Meighan, Septress, head potion mistress
Morles, scribe
Nathan Morris, C/Ev, Porro, from Nibenon, Manannan
Nevan, student
Nickoli, of Rhodd Duw
Olga, student
Oscar Cain, from Imladannon
Paul, student
Porro, most trusted of the High Septon
Primoris Mandatum, known as the Prime, the official name for Ordinar religion
Proditors, the Marked used by Septons to destroy Mages
Raidel, Mace's teacher
Rhodd Duw, the holy city
Rosnar, a sword master
Septon, a clergyman and follower of the Prime
Stannis Wysocki, T/C, Minister of Magic
Talane, High's teacher
Tim, a swordsman
Vasper Jennsen, Evening Star
Vesper Dana Lughnor, daughter to Mace and Calisto
Wojtek (voytec), a student

Launce's staff

Jarrod, errand boy
Justin, D, assistant
Nevan, D/C, scribe
Olga, office quartermaster

Students and teachers in Lughnor School

Wojtek (voytec)

Badrick, axe ruler, potion master, Headmaster
Darren, history teacher
Lina Karo, a former Argonan and Divination teacher
Jeremy, an elder teacher of Religion, Ethics and Ideology

Septon decoys during Septon War

Arcadius O'Brien, Weaver general (Mace)
Eamon O'Brien, Weaver captain (Vasper)
Kane Doyle, tribute, Weaver captain
Nevan Connor, holy, Weaver captain

Septon terminology
Septon/Septoness - a clergyman and follower of the Old Prime
High Septon - leader of all septons/knights
Porro - most trusted of the High Septon, second in command
Arwein - head septon of a city or province
Marw - septons destined to die for Altus
Brodurr - an assistant to positioned septons
Sagart - clergyman who can perform rites
Uxor - wife of the High Septon
Athair - leader of Knights in Umbra
Knight/Dame - a clergyman and follower of the New
Rhodd Duw - the holy city
Ortus and Fridio - farms for Septon children
Em drysors - soul gems

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PostSubject: Re: Names in Umbra   Thu Dec 22, 2011 3:14 pm

Adoeak Harpsorcerer
Stannis Wysocki

Adiannon Aleanvirrea
Aiofe Dawntracker
Baelathali Ladenves
Lina Karo
Mace Lughnor
Vasper Jennsen

Alken Tol
Calisto Lete Drake Weaver

Beleganu Gondolin
Maitria Nethrana
Neema Eilhart

Octavian Bathory

Aerimperito/Mood Rulers:
Draco Vakker
Valora Bowman

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PostSubject: Re: Names in Umbra   Wed Jan 04, 2012 10:33 am

Bowman from Amondor

Abigail Bowman, Richard's daughter, poisoned by Floriana
Aedan Caron, E, captain
Alan Bowman, Richard's brother, killed by Baelathali, rapist, Ev, D
Albus, A
Ania Karo, T, Lina's mother
Angelus, C
Anne Bathory, Stephen's wife, Octavian's mother
Arcavius Bowman, Alan's son, Valora's brother, D, general
Balius, E
Baron, D, Blake's scout
Beatrice Karo, Lina's sister-in-law
Benedict, a herb supplier/dealer
Blake Amell, A, Nazarius's cousin, sergeant scout
Blalick, C, Blake's scout
Brynn, a servant from Rhunbarad, Maitria's lover
Cadmus, Ev
Caecus, Lina's ex-boyfriend
Caleb, E, Blake's scout
Calix, C
Cambria, A
Canyon, C, Blake's scout
Cardea, a servant from the Officers' House in Enedost
Carmina, Lina's best friend, I
Cassandra Nona Hathornok, shining upon men, ninth, an oracle, D
Casper Karo, Lina's brother
Cassian, D
Cato, D
Cerberus, A
Cian, an old house healer, killed by Arcavius
Cleo Calland, T, E, Valora's mother
Cleo, I
Crescentia, T
Cristian Amell, E/D, captain
Crow, Blake's scout
Dacian Caron, captain, killed by Aeron Perian
Daria, A
Diomed, E
Dominic Bowman, Valora's Argonan lover
Draco Vakker, D/Ev, clan's messenger
Dustin Moore, I
Efrem, D
Eran Bowman, Ev, Adoeak's spy
Erebus Amell, Nazarius and Cristian's father
Evander, C
Eve Bowman, daughter of Valora and Baelathali
Farasti Hathornok, Baelathali's grandfather
Felix, C
Ferris, a guard killed by Loraaga and Maitria
Floriana Virginia Bathory, E, Minister of Trade
Gabriel, Valora's servant, killed by Quintus
Gaius, Cristian's lieutenant
Galstic Hathornog, former leader, killed by Baelathali
Gavius, C
Gratian I
Henrietta, Richard's wife, died in childbirth
Hestion, a cook
Heva, C
Horatius Hathornog, E, captain
Hugo, A
Ignatius, C
James Bowman, Ev, C, Alan and Richard's father
Jana Calland, E, died in labor at the age of 16, secondary magic unknown, Valora's grandmother
Jane, kitchen help
Janus, Ev
Julian, T
Julius Calland, T, C, Valora's grandfather
Kaius, Ev
Lavina, E
Lada, N, Harkin's friend
Leander, T
Leila Amell, Nazarius and Cristian's mother
Leo, T
Lina Karo, D, T
Lina, Robert's wife, Lina Karo's cousin
Livia, A
Lucan, C
Lucas, Lina's cousin
Lucius, Ev
Magdalene, Lucas's wife
Marian, Lina's uncle, Ania's brother
Marc, I
Marcus Caron, Dacian and Nero’s brother, T/N, captain, committed a suicide
Mathew Hathornok, T
Miro Karo, Lina's father
Mobic, Richard Bowman's interrogator
Natalie, Lucas and Magdalene's younger daughter, Lina's God-daughter
Nazarius Amell, captain, E/A, Clan Leader
Neavius, I
Nemo, D
Nereus, A
Nero Lucas Caron, Marcus's twin brother, T/N, died to destroy MOAM
Nerva, Ev
Nika, T, Blake's scout, archer
Nox Bowman, A, Adoeak's spy
Octavian Bathory, Minister of Trade
Odetta, Ev
Oriana, D
Ovid, A
Pegasus, Nazarius's stallion
Perciwald Hathornok, turned into a vampire by Cassandra
Petrus Ev
Philip, cook
Phillippe Amell, Blake's brother
Phoenix, D
Rhys Nostrom, zealous, A, captain, governor of Fager Borg
Richard Bowman, clan's leader, killed by Baelathali Ladenves, C, A
Robert, Lina's cousin
Rollo, I
Ronald Bowman, Richard's son
Rooster, A, Blake's scout
Rose Bowman, D, A, Alan and Richard's mother
Ruth, babysitter, turned into a vampire by Percy
Salvatrix, D
Sarene, Baelathali's mother, the daughter of Councilman Farasti Hathornok
Severus, Ev, captain
Siegbert Bowman, Richard's son
Sophie, Marian's wife
Stephen Bathory, Governor of Rhunbarad City
Tallia, Lina's childhood friend
Tycho, T
Valora Atalanta Bowman, Ev/N, former clan's leader, former Queen of Argona
Varius, C
Vena, T
Victor, D, killed by Baelathali
William Lovell, A, captain

Bowman family names

the Adlers
the Amells
the Bathory clan from Rhunbarad
the Callands
the Carons
the Dahl
the Engels
the Evans
the Hathornoks
the Karos
the Lovells
the Moores
the Mostroms
the Norums
the Skoras
the Vakkers

General Arcavius Bowman's Captains

Aedan Caron, Ev (Cassian D, Gavius C)
Cambria, A
Cerberus (Efrem D, Cleo I, Heva C, Odetta Ev, Vena T, Hugo A)
Cristian Amell, E/D (Gaius)
Daria, A
Felix, C
Gratian, I
Horatius, E (Cato D, Janus Ev)
Lavina, E
Leander, T
Livia, A
Lucan, C
Marcus Caron, T
Nazarius Amell, E (Salvatrix D, Angelus C, Leo T, Nereus A, Nerva Ev, Neavius I, Daria A)
Octavian Bathory, E (Nemo D, Calix C, Crescentia T, Lucius Ev, Marc, I Ovid A)
Petrus Ev
Rhys, A (Oriana D, Kaius Ev), former governor of Nazaria (Fager Borg in Argona)
Severus, Ev, (Phoenix D, Evander C, Balius E, Brutus I, Creon T, Albus A)
Tycho, T
Varius, C
William A (Victor D, Cadmus A, Diomed En, Ignatius C, Julian T, Rollo I)

Sergeant Blake Amell's scout team

Baron, D
Blalick, C (Crow's twin)
Caleb, E, archer
Canyon, I
Crow, C (Blalick's twin)
Nika,T, archer
Rooster, A

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PostSubject: Re: Names in Umbra   Sat Jan 21, 2012 4:54 pm

Students of the School of Necromancy in Enedost

Harkin Soren (Moretti)
Jarek (Weaver)
Lada (Bowman), D
Remus (Moretti)
Sumiten (Gwaithenruin)


Aias, Councilman of Argona, owner of oil mills
Aloys Dumont, Hercule's father
Anna Darrson, Launce's younger sister
Annabel Jareth, Godric's sister
Alder Arn, Head Arwein, wed Marion and Godric
Catherine Jareth, Godric's sister
Clara Darrson, Launce's mother
Edward Santhil, Adia Aleanvirrea's adoptive father
Eamon Bers, Kazimier's personal servant, the Royal Messenger, baron
Eryk, former slave
Evelyn, Neema's friend from childhood
Gantus, Alken Tol's foster father, killed by Septons
Godric Jareth, King (Król)
Hector Jareth, Godric's brother
Heidi, a servant
Hercule Coen Dumont
Jan, former slave
Jozef, Fager Borg toy maker
Kazimier Edwards IV, real name William
Kara, Kazimer's wife, died at childbirth
Lucas Jareth, Godric's father, former Councilman
Lackscale, iron mine that belongs to the Jareth clan
Lukaan Krol of Krolmiecz, Argonan Councilman, weapon makers
Marek, former slave
Marion, Queen (Królowa), Kazimier and Kara's daughter
Lois "Lulu" Darrson, Launce's younger sister
Marin Darrson, Launce's younger brother
Minna Darrson, Launce's younger sister
Nathan Collier, general
Neema Eilhart, an assassin
Paulina Aias, the first woman on the Council in Argona
Paulo Costa, a human who discovered Umbra
Patrick, governor of Brispon
Philip Aronok, Captain of Kazimier's personal guard
Rene Darrson, Launce's younger sister
Sepp Darrson, Launce's father
Sera Darrson, Launce's younger sister
Shayla Jareth, Godric's mother
Scarlett Korecka, Launce's master's daughter
Taris, a name of a no longer existing clan
Timothy Blackmon, Argonan villager
Tomas, Neema's father
Veronike Dumont, Hercule's mother
Vichy, an area in northwestern Argona
Wit, former slave
Zbyszek, former slave

Argonan Clans and Councilmen

Aias (Paulina), Countess, oil mills
Bryant, Viscount
Cers, Baron
Jareth (Godric), Count
Krol (Lukaan), Duke, weapon makers
Uther, Baron
Vale, Baron

Argonan Kings

Kazimier I, husband to Princess of Throlla, united Argona
Lantilion, introduced the Prime
Kazimier II, named Brispon
Pearston, the Fat King
Kazimier III
Kazimier IV, William Edwards

Slave owners

Dostoyevsky, Fager Borg, lanista
Gryf, Fager Borg, lanista
Habsburg, Fager Borg, lanista
Korecki, Vanadesse
Mostrom, Fager Borg, lanista
Zamoyski, Fager Borg, lanista

Akemi, bright beauty, Ki'tan concubine
Alken Tol, Abjurer, Topelian
A'tir Ryn, Ki'tan's bastard son
Choi Tian Shen, Mudang
Dasq Ryn, Ki'tan's son
Di'resh Ryn, Ki'tan's son
Geum Jan Di, Valora's chaperon
Goo Joon Pyo
Kamiko, Queen (Yeo Wang), superior child, Ki'tan's first wife, mother to Dasq
Ki'tan Ryn, King (Wang)
Kismal, a warrior killed by A'tir
Leib, the Dragon, the first Topelian to bring the people of that land into unity
Li Pan Choi
Modron, once a gathering place for Topelian tribes, capital city
Niru'mas, a rider
Oh Ha Ni, full of joy, Ki'tan's concubine
Ros Ryn, Ki'tan's son
Suzu, Ki'tan's concubine, mother to A'tir
Tan'rou, Ke'lan's friend
Uluk, Leib's son
Xiao Li, intellectual, Ki'tan second wife, mother to Ros and Di'resh
Yesung, Woodalchi
Yoon Ji Hoo

Topelian Clans


Dwemer from Saregorod
Bifer, Raena's brother
Durin, Raena's brother
Gwenelyn Garhad, leader of the middle mountain mines
Khim, Raena's brother
John, a local and friend to Thorin
Raena, Thorin's wife
Magnesium, a kind of metal
Max, Thorin's friend
Thorin Ovack, Dwemer Clan Leader, blacksmith, psonic
Thorackium, alloy created by Thorin
Urias Anrak, master in blacksmithing

Kings of Umbra
Permious, the first King
Markus, the second King
Garrett, the third King
Artemus, the fourth King
Malefesto, the fifth King
Utrop Nethrana, the sixth King

Osalrians- Shapeshifters from the island of Osalria
Chayton Machekw, hawk
Hania Kajika, wolf, called Calai by Loraaga
Kai Tadewi, leopard, died at the battle of Imladannon
Sewati Otaktay, bear

Adala, Walganus's mother
Alaesdair Sigurdarsen, Rue's father, real name Firnae
Alti, a villager
Borias, tavern owner
Edward Santhil, Aida's human father
Eric, a messenger boy
Franek, Kasia'a husband, helped Utrop in the marshes
Hannelore, Walganus's child, deceased
Joxer, a local gang leader
Jurgen, Walganus's child, deceased
Kasia, Franek's wife, helped Utrop in the marshes
Kasimira, Walganus's wife, deceased
Lady Gham, Enedost magistrate, half-elf
Magge, barmaid in Two Kegs Tavern and Inn
Malick, Enedost blacksmith
Olga, owner of the brothel 'Madame Olga's Salons' in Enedost marketplace
Paedar, a boy Enchanter from Tarsus village murdered by Ordinars
Tharail, an elf general, Permious's closest friend
Thoian, Bealathali's Evocation teacher
Sethial Mekthanial Dreacon, half-elf
Walganus König
Wolfram, Walganus's child, deceased
Wolfram König, Walganus's father
Wren, barmaid in Two Kegs Tavern and Inn[/size]

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The Kingdom of Dark Elves, Stef Khar

Aingeru Torke Rojo, angel, the Clan Leader of the red clan
Amaya Negro, dragon keeper
Anakerie, a black wild female dragon Erumaren stole an egg from
Ane Negro, mistress T
Argi Rojo, light, quartermaster
Bakar Rojo, alone, cook
Benat Negro, combat master
Eder Rojo, handsome/beautiful, healer
Erumaren Svant-Elghasek Negro
Esti Rojo, sweet/honey, master E
Frantziska Rojo, dressmaker
Ganix Rojo, master D
Garbi Rojo, pure, tailor
Gorka Rojo, hairdresser and tailor
Igon Negro, dragon trainer
Kanpotar, a curse word for a foreigner
Katalin Rojo, Rojo's lover, dragon rider
Lothuialil, twilight blossom, Erumaren's dragon
Luken Rojo, master Ev
Marko Rojo, Rojo's lover, dragon rider
Mikel Rojo, warrior
Nere Vorel Negro, mine, the Clan Leader of the black clan
Nheetuor, sweet desire, Nere's dragon,
Nikola Rojo, dragon keeper
Peru Tojo, master T
Su Gracia, Your Grace
Su Majestad, Your Majesty
Su Señoría, Your Lordship/Your Ladyship
Svant-Elghasek, sky-ranger in draconic, Erumaren's dragon name
Torke, angel in draconic, Aingeru's dragon name
Versjennu, great power, Aingeru's dragon
Vorel, beautiful in draconic, Nere's dragon name
Xabi Rojo, master A
Ximun Negro, master Ev
Zeru Rojo, sky, master I

Ruling Clans

Oro - Gold
Negro - Black
Rojo - Red
Azul - Blue
Verde - Green
Blanco - White

All names in Stef Khar are to be Basque.
Dragon names are to be created with the use of Draconic Translator for which click HERE

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Names in Umbra
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