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 Letitia Marina Gallo

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Letitia Gallo

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PostSubject: Letitia Marina Gallo   Mon May 02, 2011 3:00 pm

Birth Name: Letitia Marina Gallo

Race: Human

Age: 25

Martial Status: single

Magic: Alteration

Physical Description:

Letitia Marina Gallo was the first child of ten bore to two servants of the council family Riccio. She began working for the Riccio household in Enedost at a young age. Letitia started in the kitchen, scrubbing the floors and cleaning dishes to help her almost infinitely pregnant mother with her duties. At the age of eight, she began working in the stables where she first realized her fondness for animals. At twelve, she joined the meal staff which was in charge of serving meals to the large Riccio family.

Not barely a year later the old woman who was the personal help to the young Floriana Riccio died and the position was given to Letitia. Ever since she has been the woman's handmaiden, even moving from the Riccio house to the Bowman estate during the woman's marriage to Richard Bowman and then to Darius Moretti.

Letitia wouldn't change anything, even if at time she is used as a slave or scapegoat. She would rather wait on the Councilman's wife than try to fend for herself in the cruel outside world.
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Letitia Marina Gallo
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