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 Nazarius Amell

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Name: Nazarius Amell

Race: Human, Bowman clan

Age: 29

School of magic: Enchanter, specialist

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History: Born in Wrathgard, Nazarius grew up in the Bowman city by the Argona border and ever since he was young, he showed talent in learning foreign languages knowing now the Common Tongue, Argonan and Elven. One of the reasons for him learning a lot as a child was the fact that Nazarius's primary magics turned out to be Enchanting, a school normally associated to be a girt for girls and not boys. For that reason he lacked friends among boys who were jealous of his beauty and the attention the boy drawn. At the age of 14 he decided to go for a journey, first around Umbra and then around the continent of Tellia, with his father who was a trader and a traveling merchant at that time.

The journey turned out to be an eyeopener as the young Amell discovered that he was excellent at communicating and dealing with people. He still uses his foreign contacts to trade goods from outside the Shadow Kingdom. In Argona he learned the art of potion brewing, a talent he still uses when fixing his own elixirs. His potions though are often thought as illegal as the man uses ingredient not available in his homeland.

Having returned home, at the age of 18, the young man decided to travel to the capital and offer his services to his clan leader, Richard Bowman. Young Amell thought at that time that the army could use a man who knew languages and knew how to be a strategist and a tactician, even though he lacked skills in the art of war. It was also during his journey that the young man met his first lovers and never being able to stay with them, he didn't learn what a longterm relationship is like.

To his surprise, the night he came to Enedost, his distant cousin, Richard's niece Valora Bowman, was suffering from nightmares that made the girl lack sleep for weeks now. Nazarius offered to brew an elixir that along with his Deep Slumber spell turned out to be very effective. Hence, the future of the young man was decided about; he was to be with Valora and once he received training, he was to join the army.

With time Valora became a general and appointed Nazarius, who now knew how to use a sword, to the rank of a lieutenant and he served under her brother, Arcavius Bowman. When Valora became the leader, Amell was entrusted with his own cohort and a rank of a captain while Arcavius moved to the position of a clan's general.

Amell's relations with other captains, the so-called favorites of Valora, grew strong and friendly after the young man won a bet set up by Valora and Arcavius. Nazarius's cohort was the one that reached the Argona city Fager Borg first and caused the most damage to the enemy. Due to that the city was renamed to Nazaria and the man became its Governor, but mostly from the title than actions as he didn't stop his service in the Bowman army.

Nazarius is friends with Arcavius, Rhys, Aedan, Horatius and Severus, but recently his best friends are Octavian and Marcus. The Caron captain is also a man Nazarius cares for deeply and he is saddened by the fact that Marcus moved away from Valora and shifted his affection at the Queen of Umbra, which resulted in Valora seeking a new closest, Nazarius.

Being an Enchanter Nazarius is a man of great beauty and one capable of admiring such as well; and it is often joked by other captains that Nazarius's cohort consists of the prettiest boys. One of them is lieutenant Mathew with whom the man is a rather close relationship.

Nazarius is very loyal to his leaders and clan; he recognizes that the strength of the ruling family lies in its unity and loyalty without which it cannot grow nor survive.
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Nazarius Amell
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