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 Alva Doyle of the Weaver clan

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PostSubject: Alva Doyle of the Weaver clan   Alva Doyle of the Weaver clan Icon_minitimeSun May 22, 2011 5:31 pm

Name: Alva Doyle

Age: 26

Race: Human, Weaver clan

Primary Magic: Illusion

Secondary Magic: Divination

Sense Spell: Aerimperito, Mood Ruler

Alva Doyle of the Weaver clan Natalie_portman_underwear

Though Born in Enedost, Alva grew up in Imladannon as the third and the youngest child. Having two older brothers, Gavin and Lavek, the girl has always been protected from any harm. It was in Imladannon that Alva received education in both of her magics, Illusion and Divination. Soon before reaching the specialist level of her primary skill, her parents decided to send the girl away so that she could learn about the world, get to know people and practice her magics.

Alva was 21 when Atropos Weavers, the leader of the clan, sent her grandson, Colin Weaver to Brispon where he was to take the position of an Umbra ambassador. Luckily for the Doyle family, Colin was in Rhunbarad at that time with Gavin. On their way to Brispon, they came to Imladannon and offered to take Lavek and Alva, among many, with them to Argona.

Alva was more than happy to leave her home conclave and travel the world with her soon to be leader. In the Argona capital she learned the language and following her brothers careers, she was trained in war tactics and the art or archery. However, apart from that, Alva grew interested in history of Argona and likes to consider herself quite an expert in the field.

Upon returning to their homeland, Colin and his companions learned about the Civil war that Umbra was consumed with. Thrown into the war madness Colin had no choice but to appoint captains among men he trusted the most and Alva was one of them. She is now a commander of a cohort consisting of archers.
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Alva Doyle of the Weaver clan
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