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 Ronan Feachnoiri

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Ronan Feachnoiri

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PostSubject: Ronan Feachnoiri   Mon May 23, 2011 9:17 pm

Name: Ronan Neil Feachnoiri

Race: Human

Age: 30

Magic: Necromancer

Physical Description:


Ronan was born as the only son to Aidan Feachnoiri, the clan leader for the family. As the only son he had many responsibilities and trained for much of his early life in combat and war tactics. By the age of fourteen he was already on the battlefield watching the wars of his brethren and by sixteen he fought for the first time outside of the practice arena. It was a glorious life that he lived but deep inside he had a dark secret that he kept from all, especially his father.

When Ronan was a small child he was fighting with the other children in the Feachnoiri castle as children do, but when he was about to be hit with a wooden sword the other child stopped mid attack and dropped down cowering in fear. This startled even Ronan and when he learned from the healers that the child was hit with a spell of necromancy he quickly distanced himself from it so he would not get in trouble. Ever since that day he had to be wary of anyone who could sense his abilities and lived in constant fear that everything he knew could be taken away at any moment.

When Ronan was twenty he came to the realization that hiding from the magic within him was not going to make it go away, and so he devised a plan that would allow him to leave ensuring his father would not search for him. Though it was difficult for him, he faked his own death and fled from the only home he ever knew to seek out others like him and discover the mysteries of the forbidden magic. After a few years he came to Enedost and was discovered by a powerful mage who called himself Maldeth, the elf recognized the magic within him and soon began to train him in the dark arts of necromancy. Though Maldeth was a difficult person to learn from he knew it was what needed to be done and continued to persevere through the challenges of his training.

Nearly a year ago he lost contact with his master and when he finally received word from him he found that he was in Imladannon, more startling was that necromancy was to be used in the open for the first time in hundreds of years. Traveling for many days Ronan has reached the city where his master and other students are staying, and the confrontation of the estranged family he has not seen in many years.
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Ronan Feachnoiri
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