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 Mathew Hathornok

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PostSubject: Mathew Hathornok   Sun May 29, 2011 3:07 pm

Name: Mathew Hathornok

Race: Human, Bowman clan

Age: 21

Primary magic: Alternation, apprentice

Secondary magic: Yet to be discovered.

Born in Edenvel as an only child, Mathew grew up in Enedost where his father held the position of a Councilman for a few years and his mother was a matron known for throwing extravagant parties and enjoying her husband's fortune. Mathew was hoped to follow his father's footsteps but despite having the best teachers and trainers, the boy hated learning and didn't seem to care about his future career.

Mathew was 16 when his father divorced his mother and left to live with a much younger concubine. It led to a huge scandal in the capital with the family of Hathornoks being on everybody's tongues. It was too much for the young boy who broke down under the weight of mean talking and shame which led to him running away from home.

His escape was a painful experience to his mother, who of weak health, got sick with worry and soon died out of fever. A few months later, at the age of 17, Mathew was found by his father's servants in the city of Riccio, but the boy was a different person already. He was found in tavern where he worked as a waiter and cleaner.

Having learned about the death of his mother the boy pured all his anger onto his father who, as Mathew believed, broke her heart and led to her passing away. He objected to coming back home and decided to break all ties with his living parent.

Alone now, without family fortune and kins, he continued to work in the tavern. However, the money he earned there was barely enough to let him pay for the rent and food.

At the age of 18 Mathew returned to Enedost where he enlisted for the Bowman army. Still avoiding any contact with his father, the young man didn't use his name to get any favors. Though at that moment he already learned his ways of getting what he wanted.

Living in the poor area of Riccio Mathew got to know different people and was forced to do different jobs. Upon coming back to the capital he was already a man who knew that the Kingdom was a blend of noble citizens and dirty scums and that life was hard for there was a price to everything.

Motived to change his life and become a man who would be respected, he overcame his dislike for learning and showed talent for designing war machines. When it was time get assignment, Mathew was found by Nazarius Amell, a young captain, who at that point, was beginning to collect men for his cohort. Soon Mathew took the position of an engineer and got promoted to the rank of a lieutenant.
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Mathew Hathornok
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