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 Acheri Odion Chattes

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PostSubject: Acheri Odion Chattes   Fri Jun 17, 2011 6:16 pm

Name: Acheri (Enemy) Odion (Brother Twin) Chattes

Age: 25

Race: Human, of the Chattes clan

Primary Magic: Conjuration

Secondary Magic: Abjuration


Acheri’s parents, Nabirye and Darakai, were going to become leaders of the clan once Manon Chattes, Acheri’s grandmother, was either to retire or pass away. According to the family tradition, the heir blood ran through the females, not the males and so when Acheri’s twin sister, Dalila, was born, it was clear that she would become the heir of the clan one day. When Acheri and Dalila were ten, both of their parents grew ill with pneumonia during a severe winter and got summoned by gods to the underworld.

Nabirye was to pass away first and when the boy was called to his father’s dying bed, he was ordered to always look after his younger sister, protect her from the evils of the outside world and make sure the family traditions were preserved. Watching his parents leave the world of the living made the young boy treat his father’s last words not only as a sacred dying wish but a personal aim.

Manon was heartbroken after the death of the heirs of her title and position and threw herself into the work for the better of Umbra while the children were taught magic in Enedost. It was her decision to send both Acheri and his sister to Argona when the boy turned 18. In King Kazimier’s court they would learn magic from private teachers from Umbra, get to know the language and the arts of diplomacy.

It was that very decision that saved the young Chattes since they were both abroad when Castus Riccio attacked the Chattes Estate in Enedost, murdered their grandmother and sent his army to kill off other members of the clan living within the Kingdom’s borders.

During the civil war, both Acheri and Dalila decided to stay away from Umbra fearing that if they came back, Castus’s supporters would try and kill them. They both thought they were safe in Argona until Septons grew strong and started to eliminate Mage ambassadors living in the Ordinar lands. Once Septons took over the capital of Brispon, both the siblings knew they needed to hide.
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Acheri Odion Chattes
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