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 Dalila Kissa Chattes

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Dalila Kissa Chattes
Dalila Kissa Chattes

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Name: Dalila (Gentle) Kissa (Sister Twin) Chattes
Race: Human, Chattes clan
Age: 25
Primary magic: Enchantment
Secondary magic: Divination
Physical Appearance:
Dalila Kissa Chattes D3-1

Dalila was born just moments after her twin brother Acheri to Darakai and Nabirye Chattes, the heirs to the Chattes clan leadership. The two grew up very close in the Chattes' estate in Enedost. At the age of ten and during a cold winter, sickness swept through the Chattes household, taking both of Dalila and Acheri's parents with it. The premature deaths of her parents hit Dalila hard and she clung to her brother. They spent most hours of the day together, even sharing a room for some time. The two were tutored by some of the best mages in Umbra within the confines of the Chattes estate until the age of eighteen. It was then that Manon Chattes, Dalila's grandmother, sent the two young adults to Argona.

As Umbran ambassadors for their clan, the two were introduced into the court of King Kazimier where they learned the ways of the Argonan people, aristocracy, language, and politics. They continued their learning of magic while in the Ordinar country through the use of private teachers.

Whilst enjoying the life of being on the King's court, the young heiress learned of the slaughter that occurred at the Chattes estate in Enedost by Castus Riccio. She also learned of the orders from the Riccio leader to kill all of those in her family. There was little discussion with Acheri, for their safety, they decided to stay in Argona.

It was not long before the septons began searching out and killing Mages within the kingdom, even ambassadors like Dalila and her brother. They then were forced into hiding in the land they had thought to be a safe haven.
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Dalila Kissa Chattes
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