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 Erumaren Eruantien

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PostSubject: Erumaren Eruantien   Thu Jul 07, 2011 2:33 pm

Name: Erumaren Eruantien

Race: Elf swordsman, Aleanvirrea Clan

Age: 95

Primary magic: Evoker, expert

Secondary magics: Alteration, specialist

Physical description: tall 6' 1", weight 190lbs medium build, brown hair, light green eyes

History: Born into the Aleanvirrea clan, Erumaren lived the usual elven life, especially, because of his mother being born Gyssetylar Evoker, with the knowledge of nature and the elements.

Life inside the Conclave was usually uneventful, for the most part. Only a few years ago did he receive word from his Gyssetylar side of the family requesting that he come down to watch over the family shop while his cousin who owned it left on a journey.

Upon arrival he was greeted in a manner that only his mother could have prepared him for because of the many differences between the Gyssetylar and Aleanvirrea clans. The Gyssetylar, as he quickly learned, were always less formal then their Aleanvirrean brethren, which at times became annoying for the first few months there. Keeping an eye over his cousin’s shop, however, gave Erumaren a lot better understanding over the care and construction of the elven arms and armor, and even revealed strengths and weaknesses of almost all armors and weapons, and Eru took them all to heart. He felt as though something in the future was coming by the shift of politics, and the rise of the Riccio and Bowman.

Not too long afterwards, he became a part of the Gyssetylar army during the Umbran civil war as a Captain. The battle of Enedost proved the most challenging for the men he led as his troops found themselves held in reserve during the battle, for reasons Erumaren still wondered about. Months later, the siege of Immladannon, jump starting the war against the Septons left Erumaren in the infirmary through most of the battle due to the injuries received as he fought alongside Bereclan on the wall. Now finally fully recovered, Erumaren waits to see how his role in this war will unfold.
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Erumaren Eruantien
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