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 Dane Fembringer

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PostSubject: Dane Fembringer   Dane Fembringer Icon_minitimeFri Aug 05, 2011 5:01 pm

Name: Dane Fembringer (Creator)

Age: 25

Race: Human, Argonan

Primary magic: Divination, specialist

Secondary magic: Abjuration, novice

History: Dane was born in Gayan in a poor family that agreed to sell the infant to a rich traveler who promised to find a good home for the boy in Argon in a family who could not have children of their own. The traveler was a Septon whose sole task was to find families so poor that they were literally starving and offer to aid them by finding new homes for the Mage children. It was not known if Dane had any siblings but when he was brought to Rhodd Duw for his studying it was not important anymore for there he found bothers and sisters among the believers of the Prime.

When a Diviner detected his skills for Divination and Abjuration the boy received proper training in both schools along with standard education for Septons; which involved the word of Altus with the customs of the Prime and its prayers, foreign languages, military strategy and tactics, geography, history of Tallia, sword fighting, horse riding and basic knowledge of healing. All of that was immensely important and enabled the man to become the Brodurr to the High Septon and later on the very Porro and second in command.

Dane is loyal, devoted, does not question the interpretation of the Altus’s words provided by the High Septons, he is deeply religious, humble, honest, and rather quiet and determined.
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Dane Fembringer
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