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 Nessa O'Brien

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Nessa O'Brien

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PostSubject: Nessa O'Brien   Mon Aug 15, 2011 9:17 pm

Name: Nessa O'Brien

Race: Human

Age: 27

School of Magic: Abjuration, Specialist

Secondary: Alteration, Novice

Physical Description:

Nessa was born in Imladannon, her father Tomas was the brother to the leader of the city Arcadius O'Brien. The youngest in her family she was not given the same personal tutelage that her father and uncle gave to her sister, instead she was sent to train as a personal guard for Atropos. Her main school found to abjuration she was welcomed and trained to fight and protect others with her magic. She never really connected with anyone until one day the young Colin Weaver came to her and invited her to join in his regiment in Rhunbarad. She may have been young but she was still eager and left with the man to fight, it was a personal choice she still cherishes to the day because it was the first time she was able to think for herself.

Once out from under the thumb of her father, uncle, Atropos and even the guard captain she was able to find herself. Proving to not only be an exceptional protector, but also a great fighter who would not stop in battle. Colin and Emer recognized this and brought her up through the ranks guiding her way to lieutenant. It was then that her sister was moved to Rhunbarad and get some true experience under her belt, she had been given rank of captain and was already higher than her sister who felt she worked harder for her rank.

When Colin went back through Imladannon on his way to visit Brispon she did not even go to her father and uncle, not wanting to relive the bad memories of her childhood. But the city did reunite her with a friend she had during childhood, Alva Doyle had grown up with Nessa until she was shipped off to Enedost. They both traveled to Brispon with Colin and his other captains being able to find the friendship they had all those years ago. Soon she was promoted to the rank of captain and after that her world was changed forever. The beginning of the civil war was only the beginning, they had lost their family and they knew they had to protect what was left. But even after the end of the war she found that the septons had invaded the clan and that Arcadius had been killed some months ago along with her father. It was disheartening but she also remembered all the times they had never been there for her and moved past it, while her sister held a great amount of hate for them.
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Nessa O'Brien
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