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 Ki'tan Ryn

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PostSubject: Ki'tan Ryn   Sun Sep 04, 2011 9:43 am

Name: Ki'tan Ryn

Race: Topelian

Age: 54

Physical Description: 6 ft tall, olive colored skin, black eyes

History: Ki'tan Ryn is a warlord of Topeli, in a line of leaders that claim to have descended from the great Leib, the Dragon, the first Topelian to bring the people of that land into unity. The history of Leib is still told in stories around campfires and is remembered by all Topelians. The story tells that the clans were once joined but that in the time of Leib's son Uluk this unity was broken. Ever since the Topelians have roamed the steppes of their country led by warlords and fighting amongst themselves for wealth, power, grazing rights, and the like. The only time these hordes of nomadic people come together is once a year at Modron for a trading festival and sometimes in response to outside incursion Then, they may attack in unison but are likely to fall back into squabbling amongst themselves once the threat has been negated. Ki'tan is one of the leaders of these hordes of Topelian horsemen. He made a name for himself, moving up through the ranks of his people and eventually challenged the current warlord and won, thus raising him to the dead man's position. This happened many years ago when Ki'tan was very young and so he has been leader of the Ryn horde for decades.

Ki'tan is a wise and astute ruler of his people. He prides himself on his knowledge of other people, both Topelian and others, such as Argonans and even the people of Umbra. He has made a point of collecting this knowledge by questioning foreign traders and also reading books he has found at the border trading festival. His careful mix of ruling with justice and ruthlessness has paid off as his people greatly respect him and trust him to keep them safe from the other hordes. He has been able to add to his numbers by defeating some of these other hordes in battle but he wishes to aspire to more, to bring Topeli back to its golden days when the nomads were joined under one lord. He has delegated control of several of his wings of horsemen to three of his sons. Dasq and Ros are his trueborn sons and the eldest, each guides a wing. Di'resh his youngest son has yet to gain a title of leading his own horse, but hopes to soon. The last son, A'tir, though bastard born, has risen to control his own wing of the Ryn horde due to his skill in combat and apparent ability to lead.

Unknown to Ki'tan is that his descent from the great Leib has gifted him with a magical talent. This 'ability' is something that some descendants of Leib have inherited while it seems to have skipped others. There is no way to determine if one member of the bloodline will have this magic or not. Ki'tan and others who are descended from Leib are inherently not susceptible to magic. Spells simply fail upon close proximity to him. Even Evoker's fire would just simply fizzle out on contact with someone such as him.

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Ki'tan Ryn
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