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 A'tir Zyrseki

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PostSubject: A'tir Zyrseki   Sun Sep 25, 2011 5:54 pm

Name: A'tir Zyrseki

Race: Human (Topelian)

Age: 26

Physical Description:

A'tir is somewhat tall for a Topelian and although his skin is tanned, it is not as dark as many of his tribe. Another unique characteristic that causes him to stand out from his people are the piercing, pale blue eyes. He is hard and lean from a life among the plains and in battle. There are various scars that break and scatter in smooth pale on his body. Jagged, tribal style tattoos wrap around from his shoulder and down over and across his chest. They extend all the way down and about the hard edge of his hip. His hair is kept short and in a spiked line up and over his head. The sides of the head are kept shaved and tight.


Zyrseki translated into a common tongue is "Windseed." In Topelian it would be most generally understood as "Seed on the Winds." It is the name given the bastard children of the highborn or proven leaders. Not only is A'tir the bastard of Ki'tan Ryn.... the most powerful of the Topelian warlords. His mother was a concubine from a foreign land who was taken during the sacking of her city. She was treated well enough by the warlord, but died during childbirth after carrying his bastard. Kitan had given the child a milkmother and and a life in the tribe. Even though he had the stigma of his name, he was raised with three trueblooded brothers.

At the age of 11 he was given his first spear and place among the fighters of the tribe. He showed to be a quick learner and smart.... picking up the tactics of combat quicker and earning a place on horseback within his first two years. From there he challenged and won his first challenge by 17. At challenge he beat the leader of his unit in single combat and took his place at his father's table. It was a place that his brothers had or would earn by their birth, not by their own mettle. It was with a chip on his shoulder that he rose and by the same chip that he holds his place among his father's people.

Now A'tir is the firstrider among his father's calvary. He has gathered a steady group of trusted riders to his side, but still faces challengers regularily. He has a place of trust at his father's table and shares his secrets.
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A'tir Zyrseki
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