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 Cassandra Nona Hathornok

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Cassandra Hathornok
Cassandra Hathornok

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Name: Cassandra (Shining upon man) Nona (Ninth) Hathornok

Race: Human, Bowman clan

Age: 23

Primary magic: Divination

Physical Appearance:
Cassandra Nona Hathornok C6

History: Bred into existence as the child of two very old families within the Bowman clan, the Hathornok and the Lovell, Cassandra is the eldest daughter of Arthur and Cassandra Hathornok. She was born to follow the path of her mother, grandmother, great grandmother, and many more generations past; the path of an oracle.

The gift of prophetic sight is one passed on to the first-born female child. Cassandra began her schooling early, learning the magic of divination and the stories of the Gods who she was given guidance from to allow her a special sight that only few shared. It was not until her first blood that her prophetic senses were tested in the Temple of Edenvel. Passing the four tests of manteis(seers), she was announced as a true oracle of Apollo.

In the tens years since, Cassandra has spent her days in the various temples honoring the Gods worshiped by the Bowman by giving answers to those few who seek her wise counsel.
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Cassandra Nona Hathornok
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