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 The Marked- Human marks of magic

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The Marked- Human marks of magic Empty
PostSubject: The Marked- Human marks of magic   The Marked- Human marks of magic Icon_minitimeSun Nov 20, 2011 3:33 pm

List of those who are Marked and what those symbols are:

Acheri Chattes- Pyramid
Aidan Feachnoiri-
Alva Doyle-
Arcavius Bowman-
Baelathali Ladenves- Serpent
Blake Talos-
Bronwyn Feachnoiri-
Cassandra Hathornok
Castus Riccio- Bull's Horn
Colin Weaver- Shield
Cristian Amell- Scorpion
Dalila Chattes-
Dane the Porro- Smoke
Darius Morretti- Horse
Floriana Bowman-
Ke'lan Ryn/Calisto Lughnor- Leaf on the left shoulder blade
Mace Lughnor- Serpent
Marcus Caron-
Mathew Hathornok- Hand
Nazarius Amell- Tree
Nero Caron-
Nessa O'Brien- Bird
Octavian Bathory-
Olaf and Atlaf-
Quintus Riccio-
Richard Bowman-
Ronan Feachnoiri- Dragon
Ruonna Tyrzea- Flower
Septon Samuel-
Shosanna- Leaf
Trevor Petri- Star
Valora Bowman- Flame
Vasper Jensen- Thorn

If your name is on here without a symbol let one of the Admins know and we will change it for you.

The Marked- Human marks of magic Adminsig
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The Marked- Human marks of magic
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