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 Renea Eliana Petri

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Renea Moretti
Renea Moretti

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PostSubject: Renea Eliana Petri   Renea Eliana Petri Icon_minitimeSun Nov 27, 2011 3:45 pm

Name: Renea Eliana Petri

Age: 19

Race: Human, of the Riccio (Moretti) clan

Primary Magic: Alternation

Secondary Magic: yet to be determined by a Diviner

A younger sister to Trevor Petri, Renea, was born as the second and last child of lord Garten and lady Helen Petri. Her father had been a governor of Castilla, a beautiful town by the Vasanta Sea in the province of Tarsus, long before Castus Riccio started his war against elves and half-elves.

The girl was brought up by their parents in a strict fashion; the Petri family cherished tradition in which women had few rights and most certainly were never encouraged to have their own opinion, therefore Renea was taught to listen to her father and follow every of his rules. Her mother, totally submissive to her husband, supported lord Garten’s methods of bringing up the girl and made sure to fill her with pride for the clan and loyalty towards the Riccio men.

Ever since her early childhood Renea knew that her duty was to marry a man of importance and make sure the noble line of the Petri family would continue, even if her children would not have the Petri name.

A Diviner found her skilled in Alternation to her father’s satisfaction as he thought the magic very helpful for a future wife and mother. Renea had also been gifted with artistic skills of painting, drawing and playing the harp.

At the age of 19, innocent, modest, and shy Renea was offered to lord Darius Moretti who had recently divorced his first wife and needed a new one in order to keep control over his conservative clan.
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Renea Eliana Petri
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