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 Choi Tian Shen

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PostSubject: Choi Tian Shen   Sat Jan 21, 2012 6:15 pm

Name: Choi Tian Shen

Age: 26

Magic: Nonmagical from Topeli

Choi Tian Shen is a rider in the clan of Choi, one of few clans in Topeli that prides itself in never being taken over by other family. Whether that is true or simply wishful thinking is hard to say but the truth is that even the oldest of the clan cannot recall when they were not ruled by someone who was not a Choi.

Ever since Tian Shen was a boy he was taught to be proud of his family name and to respect the clan's people. Honor, loyalty and bravery were the core virtues taught to every warrior and they are very close to Tian Shen. The man, just like most of his friends and kins, is a skilled rider, scout and hunter.

Both his father and older brother died in a fight with the Seung family leaving the wing of riders for Tian Shen to command. Ever since the man lost his closest family he had been a loner determined to devote himself to his duties.

Tian Shen hopes his clan grows bigger and more powerful so that traditions of his people can be preserved and passed on.
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Choi Tian Shen
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