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 Li Pan Choi

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PostSubject: Li Pan Choi   Wed Jan 25, 2012 3:31 pm

Name: Li Pan Choi

Age: 22

Race: Nonmagical Topelian

Physical Description:

History: The third son in his family, Li Pan learned the core values of his clan, especially that of respecting his elders, quickly. As a boy, he dreamed of being among the bravest riders of the clan and leading the Choi to victory against all others. His dreams were always a bit too big for him to accomplish alone, so Li Pan settled on becoming a rider and aligning himself with the leader of his wing. Li Pan had seen how easily the next in line takes that which the leader had earned and that was exactly what he planned to do. It was bound to happen one day and at that day, Li Pan would begin his own dynasty.
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Li Pan Choi
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