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 Draco Vakker

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PostSubject: Draco Vakker   Sun Feb 12, 2012 9:28 am

Name: Draco Vakker of the Bowman
Age: 24
Race: Human
Primary school of magic: Divination
Secondary school of magic: Evocation
Sense Spell: Aerimperito (Mood Ruler)

Draco was born as the only child to a couple of Diviners, one of whom was a Pythia. Both parents, being people who cared about tradition greatly, hoped to have a daughter who would follow her mother's footsteps and thus, having called to life a boy who could never serve as a Seer had been a painful disappointment to the young parents. Draco was raised in the capital as his mother served in one of the Bowman temples of Apollo. Despite having received good education Draco didn't know what path of career to choose until his mother had a vision from her God protector, Apollo. In the vision she was told about the upcoming Riccio-Nethrana war and that men of Draco's talents would be needed.

Having completed the apprentice level, the young man met Richard Bowman, but the former leader wasn't interested in taking into service someone who lacked experience in the battle. Upset and feeling unwanted, Draco was leaving the manor when he quite literally ran into Nazarius Amell. The man talked to Vakker and having learned about his problem, took him into his cohort offering him the job of the messenger.

It was only later that Draco realized that most of the men serving with Amell could be described as misfits, someone who were somewhat rejected and who couldn't find their place until they became a part of the small family that was known as Amell's cohort. Vakker never minded though, being a thorn in his parents' hearts, and barely able to get any job, he became aware of the fact that the said cohort was a perfect place for him and that his mother knew what she was doing when she sent him to the Bowman estate.
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Draco Vakker
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