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 Aliathiana Ladenves

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Aliathiana Ladenves
Aliathiana Ladenves

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Name: Aliathiana Ladenves (Real name unknown)

Race: Half Elf

Age: 80

Magic: Illusionist; Expert. Enchanter; Apprentice

Physical Description:
Aliathiana Ladenves Aliathiana


Aliathiana was born out of wedlock to Baelathali and Mother, shortly after Mother was killed after it was discovered she was giving information to the authorities. Baelathali told her about her mother's death when she was old enough to understand that loyalty was the one thing you could regain after you have lost it. From a very early age she was taught the ways of the Order: Loyalty, Respect and above all Secrecy, which was paramount. These were engrained in her and every child of the Order, they guided her through her training and the trials to become a full member, it was a great honor and she was happy that her own father was the one who presided over the event.

During her time in the Order she traveled over most of Umbra, working for various Sovereigns who needed her special skills. Like her father, she excelled in taking life, though she has admitted to herself that she does not take as much joy from it that he does. For her killing is necessary for life to exist in peace, she did not kill for pleasure and she picked her targets carefully, much like her life, she is very particular and keeps everything in its place. The organizational skills she possessed made her an excellent assassin, she was able to plan out every detail and follow it through with little to no difficulty, even exceeding her own father's expectations.

Around ten years after she became a full member of the Order, she was called back to Enedost, her father had a surprise for her and she was almost giddy with anticipation believing that he was going to give her a Sovereignty. When she arrived though, she found that instead he handed her a human baby boy and told her that he was her new brother. She told him that she thought her brother would have pointier ears. For the next fifteen years she helped her father raise Darius and was even his first teacher in Illusion. But she was called to serve as a Nameless and had to leave Enedost. It was during this time that she failed to warn her brothers and sisters about a cohort of men that returned to their station and they were slaughtered. Though it was hard for her to even deal with what happened, Baelathali found an opportunity in the tragedy. He said that Aliathiana was dead along with the others and swore Darius, Trevor and himself to never speak her name again, never tell anyone she was alive until she was given another name.

Twenty years, it was a span of time most would consider a lifetime, though for a half elf it was not the same the time spent still is a lingering thought in her mind. Though she knows the purpose for the length of time spent in her nameless prison, there is still a mark of some resentment towards her father, even if his enemies could use her against him, did he not believe her capable of handling herself? But she would never tell her father those thoughts, she knew that he was not the kind of man who enjoyed being questioned, and even if he did not express it she knew that he felt regret for how long she spent alone. She is not sure why her father brought her back, he always seems to have a plan up his sleeve somewhere, but the one thing she can count on is her family.
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Aliathiana Ladenves
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