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 Dustin Moore

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PostSubject: Dustin Moore   Dustin Moore Icon_minitimeWed Jul 04, 2012 4:32 pm

Name: Dustin Moore

Race: Human

Age: 34

School of Magic: Illiusionist


Dustin Moore Anborn2

History: Dustin was born into a poor lowly family in the city of Rhunbarad. His father served as a city guardsman for his entire life and his mother worked washing clothing, but they were only barely able to provide for his family of seven children. Dustin was born third of the seven Moores having two elder twin brothers and three younger brothers and the youngest was his sister. Each of the Moore boys enlisted with either the city guard, or the Bowman Army as their father had done before them. When it had come his time to enlist, Dustin entered the Bowman Army as a common archer. For a year he served amongst the common ranks, seeing absolutely no fighting as an age of peace had settled over Rhunbarad. His superior officers, however, did see he had a knack for archery and moved him to the light companies.

The light companies of the Bowman Army formed a special branch. It was the duty of the light companies to scout out ahead of the main army for any signs of trouble and report back. They were also responsible for harassing the enemy before they reached their main fighting force, laying ambushes and cutting supply lines were just some of the tactics employed by the light companies. He was able to sharpen his riding skills, as the light companies were a mounted force, and even further honed his skills as an archer and swordsman. Soon, Dustin was transferred again to the Amondorian Rangers. These men were the vanguard of the Bowman Armies. They were the first to fight, often striking from the shadows and vanishing before the enemy could respond. Their skill with a bow went beyond that of any other force in all of Tellia and their use of stealth rivaled that of the half-elves.
Only a month before King Malefesto died, was Dustin transferred to the ranks of the Rangers, and would soon be in the thickest part of the fighting. The Rangers were deployed on the onset of the unrest in the Kingdom. A company of the Rangers was attached to the Bowman Army that attacked the Conclave as forward scouts. This was Dustin’s first taste of true combat, but it was only a small taste that left the young man wanting more. During the Battle of Enedost a company of Rangers were secretly attached to Captain Arcavius Bowman’s command as a screening force for the Allied Armies to enter the city.

Throughout the following months, the Rangers were sent into the thickest of fighting, including the harrowing battles of Rhunbarad and Imladannon. Soon after, the Rangers were sent to capture the Vanadesse Gateway, a fortress guarding the only pass through the Mountains in the east of Argona. The Rangers were sent in the first wave, as their over confident officers thought the ancient fortress deserted. Dustin and the two hundred men of the First Amondorian Ranger Company were met with a force of three thousand determined Argonan defenders. Trapped before they could retreat, the Rangers decided to make a last ditch assault on the Gateway. No one really knows what happened at the battle, but the First Ranger Company was completely annihilated taking total losses.

Dustin was one of the few survivors of the battle, and having failed in his attempt to seize the Gateway and seeing the horrific deaths of his all of his comrades and friends, deserted the army. He was able to secure a horse and began riding west back towards Umbra and hopefully Rhunbarad where he can return to his family. He is constantly haunted by the defeat at the Gateway and blames himself for many of his friend’s deaths.
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Dustin Moore
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