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 Lukaan Krol

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Lukaan Krol
Lukaan Krol

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Name: Lukaan Krol

Race: Human, Ordinar

Age: 32

Physical Description:
Lukaan Krol 600full-tom-hiddleston

Lukaan was born to the house of Krol in Brispon. He like his father, and his father before him, served in the army for a time before taking his place in the courts of the capital. For many years he helped his father on the council so one day he could take his place for him and he did so when his father died nearly five years prior. Lukaan, along with many on the council, were expelled from the city during the Septon take over of Argona, though they called it an extended vacation he found himself fortunate that he survived the war at all. With a quick wit and cunning tongue he is a formidable ally or foe, though most have been smart enough not to make him an enemy.
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Lukaan Krol
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