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 Lina Karo of the Bowman clan

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PostSubject: Lina Karo of the Bowman clan   Lina Karo of the Bowman clan Icon_minitimeMon Aug 27, 2012 12:06 pm

Name: Lina Karo

Age: 29

Race: Human of the Bowman clan.

Primary school of Magic: Divination

Secondary school of magic: Alteration

Sense Spell: Levitaseo

Parents: Ania and Miro Karo

Siblings: a younger brother Casper, sister-in-law Beatrice

Lina ('lee-nah) was born in Enedost in the family of Ania and Miro Karo; her mother has an artistic soul that made her seek work in the Weaver shop where her talent and admiration for beauty is used for designing and producing accessories, while her father is a locksmith working for one of the Feachnoiri ironworks. The Karo family comes from the poorer Bowmans. Lina has a younger brother, 27, who recently got married to a Feachnoiri woman and now lives with his wife, also in Enedost.

As a child Lina was a responsible and hard-working student, and unlike her brother, she was determined to study her school of magic. The girl completed her education thanks to a scholarship for talented Mages founded by Lord Governor, Aeron Perian. Having reached a specialist level she applied for a position in the Bowman Lyceum and became a teacher of foreign languages there. Alas, with Valora Bowman leaving Umbra and Nazarius Amell being accused of murdering the King, Utrop Nethrana, the school got closed leaving Lina without work. Wanting to aid her parents the woman then found a part-time job in the Magistrate Office where she specializes in translating foreign documents. Lina enjoys being a teacher and she hopes to work as one again.
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PostSubject: Re: Lina Karo of the Bowman clan   Lina Karo of the Bowman clan Icon_minitimeTue Dec 25, 2012 12:29 pm

Lucas, Lina's cousin
Magdalene - Lucas's wife
Natalie - Lucas and Magdalene's younger daughter, Lina's God-daughter
Robert - Lina's cousin
Lina - Robert's wife
Marian - Lina's uncle, Ania's brother
Sophie - Marian's wife
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Lina Karo of the Bowman clan
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