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 Launce Darrson

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Launce Darrson
Launce Darrson

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PostSubject: Launce Darrson   Sun Sep 02, 2012 1:33 pm

Name: Launce Darrson
Race: Argonan/Non-Magical
Age: 24
Physical Description:

History: Launce Darrson is the eldest of six children, his mother and father raised them in a small shack on the outlying lands of their owner's farm.  He was a slave for a wealthy land-owner, his entire family was born into the life.  They worked tirelessly in the vast fields from the time the sun rose to the time it set and sometimes even later.  It was a hard life, one that Launce thought he'd never leave.  That was until the war.  He didn't know it was happening until the armies arrived.  They trampled his owner's land, destroying the crops and freeing Launce and his family.  They headed off towards Brispon, searching for new work.  Maybe they could be servants to a Lord rather than slaves to an abusive master.  One night along the way, the small camp they had set up along with others looking for new work was ransacked and Launce lost his family.  He wanted to find them, but in a war-torn country such a task would be impossible, especially as the man had no means.  

Launce then found himself among a group of Septons, heading for Umbra where they spoke of a new order of the church beginning.  They allowed Launce to go along with him as long as he helped out with hunting and the like.  He did and he ended up in Enedost, the Capital of the land of Mages.  Launce was taken in by the Temple of Altus and while he was not sure he wanted to become a Knight, he did want to better himself by learning to read and write his native language and learn the language of his new country.

Launce's found family:
Marin - brother
Sera - sister
Wren - Sera's baby
Lois "Lulu" - sister

Launce's missing family:
Sepp - father
Clare - mother
Rene - sister
Minna - sister
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Launce Darrson
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