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 Di'resh Ryn

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Di'resh Ryn
Di'resh Ryn

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PostSubject: Di'resh Ryn   Wed Sep 12, 2012 9:56 am

Name: Di’resh Ryn

Race: Human (Ordinar)

Age: 20

Physical Description:


Di’resh is the fourth and youngest born male of Ki'tan Ryn's legitimate children. Like all Ryns he was raised to be a warrior and strong rider to be skilled in both sword and bow. Like his brothers, he was raised to respect his elders and ancestors, and that to die on the field of battle was a great honor if he did so fighting for his clan and family. Being the youngest he did have some preferential treatment when growing up, his mother and father often allowed him some latitude on his duties in the clan and on the battlefield, though his trained was not lacking in any way. This caused some tension between he and his brothers who thought he was being coddled too much, but he did not care what they thought of him. So often times he would go the opposite way of his brothers out of spite or to try and prove them wrong in the end, but it was just his way of competing with those who were older and more experienced in battle. When he was assigned to A'tir's wing of riders it was his father's way of trying to get him more experience, but he thought it more of a punishment for always fighting with his brothers. Di'resh always wanted to serve his clan and family, but he wanted more than to just be some small part of the larger whole and with his half-brothers help he hoped that one day he would prove himself and become a leader in the clan.
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Di'resh Ryn
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