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 Celestia, Priestess of the Blood Mountians

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PostSubject: Celestia, Priestess of the Blood Mountians    Mon Jan 14, 2013 2:16 pm

Name: Celestia, Priestess

Race: Unknown. Of the Feachnoiri clan

Age: Unknown. There are many legends of her existence in the lands, though her skills in religious arts are just as mysterious as the stories of her past. Feeling the unrest amongst her people and her land, she has now chosen to move away from her secluded life and live with the Feachnoiri.

Physical Description: Tall and slim, her dark shimmery hair is often hidden under her hooded yet elegant soft silky robe. Her sharp green eyes can be seen almost glowing at times, while her deep red lips can often be seen speaking softly to the gods who will listen.

History: For years, how many only she knows, Celestia has lived hidden in the Blood Mountains. Her skills in contacting the spirits of the land are mysterious to most. She has enjoyed her solitude, living only in legends and stories told around the fires, watching the people of her land from a distance. Only recently has she felt a stirring in her soul, a feeling drawing her back to live amongst the people. Whether it is to offer protection or something stronger, even she is unsure, but she has never fought the guidance of those all-knowing. What awaits her amongst the people in the Kingdom of Umbra is unknown, even to her, all she knows is she must be a part of it if only to care for the people of her land.
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Celestia, Priestess of the Blood Mountians
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