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 Hercule Dumont

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Hercule Dumont

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PostSubject: Hercule Dumont   Sat Feb 02, 2013 7:10 pm

Name: Hercule Coen Dumont

Race: Ordinar (Argonan)

Age: 56

Height: 5 feet 6 inches (3 2/3 cubits, 1 3/4 meters)

Weight: 155 lbs (11 stones, 70 kg)

History: Hercule Coen Dumont was born of Aloys and Veronike Dumont in the Vichy-speaking sector of the Argonan region of Bilgoraj. This has led to many misconceptions about his origin. His typical reply is, "I am Bilgoraj, not Vichy!"

Hercule was an Inspector Lieutenant of the Bilgoraj state guards when the country was 'annexed' by the Septons. The lead Septon, a Gluio Wombarrd, faced many challenges in governing the neighboring Vichy with their penchant for hurling taunts at both friend and foe alike. Wombarrrd pressed Bilgoraj such as Hercule into service in an effort to deal with his bizarre new subjects. Hercule did his best, responding to the barbs of the Vichy with ephithets in their common language.

During the Septon War, at the Second Battle for Rhunbarad, Lord Bereclan Aleanvirrea managed to occupy and distract the Vichy who were guarding the main gate of the Septon-occupied city by trading taunts with them while the joint force of Aleanvirrea and Gyssetylar slipped into the city. In the defeat of the Septons, it was learned that the atrocities that had been committed had not been done by the Vichy, so they were spared. Following the war, Gluio Wombarrrd followed former Porro Mace Lughnor in defecting from the Church of Altus to the newly-formed Knights of Altus in Umbra. The Vichy and their Bilgoraj handlers went with him. Hercule began to study Umbran, Argonan, and what he could of Septon law in an attempt to carry on his former career.

Notice of the Vichy was taken by one Beleganu Gondolin, the Aleanvirrea Diviner who helped minimize the starvation of the citizens of Imladannon by feeding them from the rat population. Gondolin continued with the rodent-cuisine idea in the form a chain of eateries, using the Vichy to help advertise and staff. During that time, Hercule worked his way up in the eyes of Gondilin and the Aleanvirreas, distinguishing himself among the others.

When Queen Maitria decreed that an Umbran embassy would be opened in Rhodd Duw, Hercule volunteered his service, and he was stationed there as legal liaison between Enedost and Rhodd Duw.
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Hercule Dumont
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