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Umbran Magic School10

Alarm sounds a mental or audible alarm each time a creature enters or touches a warded. Speaking the password determined at the time of casting does not set off the alarm. The mental Alarm alerts only the caster, the audible one produces a loud sound.
Endure Elements protects from being in a hot or cold environment.
Hold Portal holds shut a door, gate, window, or shutter of wood, metal, or stone.
Protection from Arrows allows to gain resistance to ranged weapons.

Resist Energy grants limited protection from damage of whichever one of four energy types: acid, cold, electricity or fire.
Mind Blank protects from all devices and spells that detect, influence, or read emotions or thoughts.
Non-detection makes it difficult to detect by divination spells.
Stoneskin The warded creature gains resistance to blows, cuts, stabs, and slashes.

Antimagic Field
An invisible barrier surrounds you and moves with you and prevents the functioning of any magic items or spells within its confines.
Remove Curse removes all curses on an object or a creature.
Dispel Magic ends ongoing spells that have been cast and suppresses magical abilities of a magic item.
Spell Turning turns spells that have you as a target.
The subject is freed from spells and effects that restrict its movement.
Repulsion An invisible, mobile field surrounds you and prevents creatures from approaching you.
Break Enchantment frees victims from enchantments and transmutations.
Banishment A banishment spell enables you to force creatures out of your home plane. You can improve the spells' chance of success by presenting an object that the target hates or fears.
Dimensional Anchor A green ray springs from your outstretched hand. Any creature or object struck by the ray is covered with a shimmering emerald field that completely blocks extra-dimensional travel.
Imprisonment When you cast imprisonment and touch a creature, it is entombed in a state of suspended animation.

Mage Hand You point your finger at an object and lift it and move it at will from a distance.
Mending repairs small breaks or tears in objects.
Animate Rope You can animate a nonliving rope-like object.
Bull’s Strength The subject becomes stronger.
Water Breathing The transmuted creatures can breathe under water.
Alter Self You assume the form of a creature of the same type and size as your normal form.
Shrink Item You are able to shrink nonmagical items.
Fabricate You convert material of one sort into a product that is of the same material.
Dark Vision The subject gains the ability to see in darkness.
Knock The knock spell opens stuck, barred, locked, held, or arcane locked doors, secret doors, as well as locked or trick-opening boxes or chests.
Pyrotechnics Pyrotechnics turns a fire into either a burst of blinding fireworks or a thick cloud of choking smoke.
Flame Arrow You turn ammunition (such as arrows, bolts, and stones) into fiery projectiles. Each piece of ammunition deals fire damage to any target it hits.
Spider Climb The subject can climb and travel on vertical surfaces or even traverse ceilings as well as a spider does.
Polymorph functions like alter self, except that you change the willing subject into another form of a living creature.
Pass Wall You create a passage through wooden, plaster, or stone walls.
Move Earth Move earth moves dirt (clay, loam, sand), possibly collapsing embankments, moving hillocks, shifting dunes, and so forth.
Flesh to Stone The subject, along with all its carried gear, turns into a mindless, inert statue.
Control Water controls water, can't conjure it though.
Statue turns the subject to solid stone, along with any garments and equipment worn or carried. The subject can see, hear, and smell normally, but it does not need to eat or breathe. Feeling is limited. Chipping is equal to a mere scratch, but breaking off one of the statue’s arms constitutes serious damage.
Temporal Stasis You place the subject into a state of suspended animation. For the creature, time ceases to flow and its condition becomes fixed. The creature does not grow older. Its body functions virtually cease, and no force or effect can harm it.

Summon summons a creature of small size and it attacks your opponents to the best of its ability.
Grease covers a solid surface with a layer of slippery grease.
Mount You summon a light horse or a pony to serve you as a mount.
Mage Armor An invisible but tangible field of force surrounds the subject of spell.
Unseen Servant is an invisible, mindless, shapeless force that performs simple tasks at your command. It can run and fetch things, open unstuck doors, and hold chairs, as well as clean and mend.
Summon Swarm You summon a swarm of bats, rats, or spiders, which attack on your behalf.
Phantom Steed You conjure a large, quasi-real, horselike creature. The steed can be ridden only by you or by the one person for whom you specifically created the mount. A phantom steed has insubstantial hooves that make no sound. Animals shun it and refuse to attack it.
Summon Monster summon creatures of larger size to protect you.
Web creates a many-layered mass of strong, sticky strands that trap those caught in them. Creatures caught within a web become entangled among the gluey fibers.
Black Tentacles conjures a field of rubbery black tentacles that spring forth from the earth, floor, or whatever surface is underfoot including water. They grasp and entwine around creatures that enter the area, holding them fast and crushing them with great strength.
Mage's Magnificent Mansion You conjure up an extra-dimensional dwelling that has a single entrance on the plane from which the spell was cast. The portal is shut and made invisible behind you when you enter. You may open it again from your own side at will. You can create any floor plan you desire depending on your skills. The place is furnished.
Trap the Soul forces a creature’s life force into a gem. The gem holds the trapped entity indefinitely or until the gem is broken and the life force is released, which allows the material body to reform.
Wall of Stone creates a wall of rock that merges into adjoining rock surfaces.
Refuge You create powerful magic in some specially prepared object. This object contains the power to instantly transport its possessor across any distance within the same plane to your abode. Once the item is transmuted, you must give it willingly to a creature and at the same time inform it of a command word to be spoken when the item is used.

Detect Poison detects poison in one creature or small object.
Detect Magic detects spells and magic.
Comprehend Languages you understand all spoken and written languages.
Detect Secret Doors reveals hidden doors.
Detect Undead reveals undead.
Identify Magic Object determines properties of magic item.
Detect Thoughts allows listening to surface thoughts.
See Invisibility reveals invisible creatures or object
Arcane Sight magical auras become visible to you.
Clairaudience/Clairvoyance allows to hear or see at a distance.
Tongues you speak any language.
Scrying you can see and hear someone at any distance. To perform the spell, one must either know the subject personally or have an object that has been in contact with them.
Detect Scrying alerts you of magical eavesdropping.
Contact Other Plane lets you ask contact someone you know.
Telepathy lets a Diviner send his thoughts to other Mages.
Mind Control forces people to thinking what the Diviner wants them to.
Analyze Dweomer reveals magical aspects of subject.
True Seeing lets you see all things as they really are.
Foresight warns of impending danger.

Daze Incantation Humanoid creature forgets the last action they took.
Charm Person The gesture and incantation makes one person your friend, as long as you are in the room.
Hypnotism lets you hypnotize a person.
Sleep Incantation puts creatures into magical slumber.
Hideous Laughter subject breaks into sudden and uncontrollable laughter,
Touch of Idiocy subject loses full mental faculties.
Deep Slumber puts a group of people or creatures to sleep.
Heroism your touch gives great bravery and morale to a person during battle.
Paralyze the person freezes in place, but is totally aware, simply unable to act.
Simple Compulsion you influence the actions of the target creature by suggesting a course of activity.
Charm Monster makes a beast or monster your friend for a short time.
Confusion subject becomes confused and cannot determine their next action
Crushing Despair all present nearby experience complete and utter despair.
Geas compels a creature to follow the given instructions until the geas is completed, no matter how long it takes.
Dominate Person controls humanoid telepathically. The subject can resist, but must perform the task.
Paralyze Monster can paralyze creatures, but not the undead.
Symbol of Sleep triggered rune puts creatures into catatonic slumber for one day.
Paralyze Multiple paralyzes all people who are fully aware but unable to act.
Blind Word say the word and it blinds one person temporarily.
Rune of Stun triggered rune stuns creatures.
Antipathy causes a creature to avoid the location or object as long as the spell is in place.
Compulsion Sending can send a demand suggestion to someone over a distance.
Irresistible Dance forces subject to dance until spell is dispelled.
Rune of Insanity triggered rune renders nearby creatures insane.
Rune of Attraction object or location attracts certain creatures or specified people.
Dominate Monster compels a monster to obey your order until it is fulfilled.
Power Word Kill Say the Word with force and intent, and it will kill one person.

Floating Disk circular plane of force follows you about and carries loads for you.
Burning Hands a cone of searing flame shoots from your fingertips.
Ray of Frost a ray of freezing air and ice projects from your pointing finger.
Spark of Electricity a spark of electric current shoots from your hand in a single jolt.
Dancing Lights you can create up to four lights that resemble lanterns or torches.
Daylight the object touched sheds light as bright as full daylight.
Gust of Wind this spell creates a severe blast of air.
Sunburst sunburst causes a globe of searing radiance to explode silently to blind opponents.
Magic Missile a missile of magical energy darts forth from your fingertip and strikes its target.
Shocking Grasp your successful touch attack deals electricity damage per caster level.
Lightning Bolt you release a powerful stroke of electrical energy that deals damage to each creature within its area.
a fireball spell is an explosion of flame that detonates.
Ice Storm great magical hailstones pound down dealing bludgeoning and cold damage to every creature in the area.
Flaming Sphere a burning globe of fire rolls in whichever direction you point and burns those it strikes.
Wall of Fire an immobile, blazing curtain of shimmering violet fire springs into existence.
Meteor Swarm
massive ka-boom!
Ghost Sound of your choosing allows you to create a volume of sound that rises, recedes, approaches, or remains at a fixed place.
Color Spray a vivid cone of clashing colors springs forth from your hand, causing creatures to become stunned.
Seeming You make yourself or other person/creature—including clothing, armor, weapons, and equipment—look different.
Dream Message You, or a messenger touched by you, sends a phantasmal message to others in the form of a dream.
Illusory Wall creates the illusion of a wall, floor, ceiling, or similar surface.
Illusory Script You write instructions, the illusory script appears to be some form of foreign or magical writing. Only the person designated by you at the time of the casting are able to read the writing. Although an illusionist recognizes it as illusory script they cannot read the script.
Nightmare You send a hideous and unsettling phantasmal vision to a specific creature that you name. The nightmare prevents restful sleep and leaves the subject fatigued.
Misdirection you misdirect the information from divination spells that reveal auras.
Ventriloquism You can make your voice seem to issue from someplace else.
Invisibility The creature or object touched becomes invisible. If the recipient is a creature carrying gear, that vanishes, too. If you cast the spell on someone else, neither you nor your allies can see the subject.
Screen creates protection from scrying and direct observation.
Phantasmal Killer a phantasmal image of the most fearsome creature imaginable to the subject simply by forming the fears of the subject’s subconscious mind into something that its conscious mind can visualize.
Invisibility Sphere This spell functions like invisibility, except that this spell confers invisibility to everything within it.
Veil You instantly change the appearance of a subjects. Affected creatures resume their normal appearances if slain.
Hallucinatory Terrain You make natural terrain look, sound, and smell. Structures, equipment, and creatures within the area are not hidden or changed in appearance.
Mirage Arcana allows you to create unreal places.
Shadow Walk creates a magical bridge or passage.
Weird gives the one spelled unreal images that can drive him insane.

Cause Fear the subject of the spell becomes frightened.
Halt Undead the incantation stops an undead in its tracks.
Exhaustion the gesture and incantation render an enemy immobile due to exhaustion.
Eyebite causes temporary blindness
Death Ward grants immunity to poison.
Blight a gesture withers plants.
Spectral Hand a gesture creates a disembodied glowing hand that can deliver physical attacks to an opponent (punches, slaps, etc.)
Chill your touch draws life from a victim and fuels your own. Can help make you more powerful and heal injuries.
Harm The incantation and gesture inflict a slashing wound on the victim.
Create Incorporeal Undead used to create a spectre, a wraith, shadows or ghouls.
Undeath to Death destroys the undead with an incantation and a gesture
Terrorize The incantation causes the subject to experience abject terror.
Bestow Curse The proper wording lays a curse on the victim that can only be removed by one who is experienced in removal of curses.
Enervation Point your finger and utter the incantation, releasing a black ray of crackling negative energy that transfers the life force of any living creature it strikes to the caster.
Rune of Pain The inscribed rune is triggered by a person and inflicts excruciating pain.
Locator A spell to track down a specific person by using the blood of a relative. It requires candles, a map and the blood of a relative. Once the spell is uttered, the blood is poured onto the map and moves to where the person is located.
Wail of the Banshee The necromancer emits a piercing scream that knocks out.
Animate Dead makes and controls the undead (zombies) from corpses, skeletons. The caster uses blood to draw a power circle around the corpse and then places a drop on the grave, or in the mouth of the corpse.
Astral Projection Requiring a significant blood sacrifice, the mage can travel disembodied from his or her own body. If the spell is broken you return to the body, or if the body is destroyed you die. While casting this spell your body is immobile and a silvery ethereal cord can be seen coming from the hand and raveling out into the distance. Cutting the cord destroys the spell.
Touch of Saryn lets you posses someone else's body while yours is in a trance.
Circle of Death all (except the caster) who enter the circle drawn with grave dust and a few drops of blood, die.
Clone requires the sacrifice of the blood of one person. But the soul of one recently dead, transfers to the clone with the proper incantations.
Jump lets you jump into and posses another body in case of you dying.

Blood Oath A binding promise between using blood and magic to hold it together. The spell itself is old and very powerful, can be cast by anyone. If one tries to disobey the specifics of the spell then it will start to have physical and mental effects on that person starting with pain and moving on to madness and death. If the spell is a promise involving two people then the spell can cause the taker of the oath to develop loyalties, feelings or even craving for that person without any outward cause.

Sense Spells The very first spells invented by Mages, which found their roots in six senses possessed by people. They are inherited through bloodlines of a mother and are independent of the school of magic one is gifted with. A Mage can only learn ONE Sense Spell if he/she had a woman in his/her family that used a particular spell. The bloodline has to be direct, one cannot inherit the spell from a kinsman (a person from the family to whom one is NOT related, like a husband of one's sister etc.) Sense Spells as the most ancient ones are hence extremely difficult, they take a lot of time to learn and drain one's magic force. The higher one's level in magic, the more powerful the spells become.

Veritavide: (to see the truth) The SIGHT spell which allows to see the person's soul and judge whether the person is good or evil, and if he/she is a friend or foe. The spell drains one more when the person one tries to read uses mind protective spells. SIGHTER
Levitaseo: (light) The BALANCE spell which allows one to travel in space, to teleport. A powerful Mage can even try to take another person and travel with him/her but it drains the magical power immensely. LEVITA
Medicore: (to heal) The TOUCH spell that allows a Mage to heal a sick, injured or wounded person only by touching, the more powerful the Mage, the more serious conditions he/she can heal. A powerful Mage can use his/her spell two times a day and if he/she wants to put another person under the spell it can happen only once a day. MEDIC
Ratiodeleo: (to erase a thought) The HEARING spell that allows a Mage to listen to the person's memories and erase them making the person forget about something permanently. A memory can be brought back however, but only by the same Mage who took it away. The spell drains one's powers the more memories one tries to erase and if the person under the spell uses mind protective spells. HEARER
Renovatio: (revival) The TASTE spell that allows a Mage to gain strength without eating food, resting or draining other Mages of their life and magic force. A powerful Mage can use his/her spell two times a day and if he/she wants to put another person under the spell it can happen only once a day. REVIVER
Aerimperito: (to rule the mood) The SMELL spell allows a Mage to pick up a person's mood (nervousness, fear, arousal, agitation, excitement etc.) and control it, making the person feel the way the Mage wants. The spell drains one more when the person under the spell uses mind protective spells. MOOD RULER

Mages with Sense Spells should be trained and their skills used for the better of Umbra. To begin with, we want Levitas to help by transporting officials. Lord Governor Aeron Perian already discussed the matter with the Council and together they wrote down the following rules:
- Levitas would be used by leaders first, and by others as approved by leaders.
- Levitas will all learn to go to the most important places in Umbra, teaching each other until they can all do the same thing. All will learn how to go to Enedost, all of the Conclaves, and other important cities and places.
- Levitas will always seek to go the same location within their destination place (the same building or intersection).
- Levitas will follow strict codes of ethics (no appearing in somebody's bedrooms unless directed by a Leader, etc). They will swear by them before being appointed one of the official force.
- Passengers will not misuse the Levitas who transport them by making illegal, immoral, dangerous, or otherwise unreasonable requests or expectations.

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