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 Dark Elves of Stef Khar

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Stef Khar

Location: The Kingdom of Dark Elves is hidden in the Blood Mountains, far in the North and past the flooded area that is now known as the strait of the Sleeping Ocean. Dark Elves live in cities hidden between mountains ranges dug and carved inside the rocks. Their nation managed to remain unheard of as no one dares to go deep into the mountains for they are highly unwelcoming and inhospitable with constant blizzards, avalanches and volcanic eruptions. Also, there have been rumors, legends and fairy tales about daredevils who tried their luck but never managed to return. Supposedly, even the famous explorer Marco Costa, who traveled all over Tallia, didn’t want to go beyond the Blood Mountains as he claimed they offered nothing but death.

Religion: Dark Elves do not believe in any gods, they see Magic as one, a sign of existence of higher powers and so their main ambition is to master using magic. The stronger the Mage, the more respected they are and viewed as those who have been blessed by the higher powers. Dark Elves’ culture revolves around dragons. Dragons cannot use magic, however they can enhance magical strength of their rider who can draw it and so those who want to become better in magic desire to have their own dragon. Also, riders can draw strength from dragons, not only for spells, but to live longer too. Riders can learn to combine spells and those casted by them are stronger than of those who don’t have their own dragon.

Hierarchy: The hierarchy of the nation is very simple; the highest are those who managed to get a dragon (aristocracy), then those who tried but failed (noblemen), those who never got enough courage to try and become a dragon rider and finally those rejected by their dragon. When dark elves reach their adulthood, they can choose to leave their home city and head into the mountains where wild dragons live. They have to cover long distances on foot in freezing blizzard, climb to the highest peaks and there hopefully find a dragon who has laid eggs. There are six kinds of dragons and they all live in different parts of the mountains. Some like to hide in caves, some prefer the protection of volcanic ashes, others stay on the highest peaks where there is no way of getting to apart from flying. Once dark elves find dragon’s lairs, and manage to steal eggs, they have to return with it back to their city and wait for the dragons to hatch. When that happens, the dragon names his/her rider with a name coming from the beast’s language and the dragon and the rider become bonded. Such a bond is so strong that if one of them dies, the other dies too. However, it is very hard to kill a rider or the dragon, especially when they are together. Very rarely it may happen that a dragon refuses to name the rider and then the beast has to be returned to the wilderness while the rejected dark elf is disgraced. Most riders though then begin their training with their dragons. Once such a training is finished the rider is given a sword forged in dragon fire as a sign of the utmost respect and appreciation.

Dragon Clans: Dark elves live in clans but not according to their bloodline but kinds of dragons they have. If a dark elf is named by a gold dragon, for instance, they become a part of the Gold clan. The leaders of the clans are dark elves with the oldest dragons for such give them most power. Some dragons are very rare while others are rather common. The hierarchy of dragons is as such: Gold (Oro), Black (Negro), Red (Rojo), Blue (Azul), Green (Verde), White (Blanco).

There are more smaller dragons than big ones, but the larger beasts are more powerful.

Dragons and Dark Elves: The beasts are very reserved when in relation to dark elves with the exception to their riders with whom they communicate usually through telepathy. If a dragon talks out loud, it’s a sign of affection and being blessed by higher power; the highest sign of love is the beast calling his/her rider’s name three times. Dragons love to spend time with each other and for that reason there are hardly any conflicts among dark elves, since their dragons refuse to fight other dragons. The exception to that are tournaments for good fun and sport which the beasts love. Dragons loving peace is one of the reasons for which dark elves managed to evolve in the art of magic. Being secluded from the outside world and unable to fight among their own kind, dark elves focused on the study of magic.

Dark Elves respect their hierarchy a lot and can be unkind to those of lower status. They are, however, even more hostile and xenophobic to outsiders. Since they respect dragon riders and no foreigner can be one, they don’t really care for Tallians. It does not matter whether the person is human, elf or half elf, Mage or Ordinar, man or woman; dark elves know they are better in using magic and are very arrogant in that respect. Kanpotar, one of the worst curses in their language is when one is called an outsider for they are a synonym of the worst of things.

Since peace if one of biggest values, offenders are severely punished to discourage any crime.

Dark elves do not marry. If they choose to be with someone in a longer relationship, they refer to that person as their lover. Titles are not shared through marriage then; a person becoming a lover to a dragon rider (a nobleman of dark elves) does not become a nobleman him/herself. Even though dark elves do not discriminate against women, there are fewer female riders due to being physically weaker and thus having fewer chances of getting a dragon.

Education is compulsory. Also, each dark elves is trained in combat. Dark Elves know seven schools of magic. They do not learn nor recognize Necromancy.

Since dark elves live in hiding and don’t bother with foreigners, they excel in both self-development as well as progress of their nation. High culture is of great importance with poetry, music, theater, sculpture, painting, architecture, fashion etc. They also tend to overuse magic in every area of their lives though they themselves do not view that as ‘overuse’.

Dragon riders are responsible for the safety of the kingdom and their sole task is to keep their land hidden and to get rid of any unwelcome guests. Those who are not dragon riders can become scholars, artists, healers, miners, builders, farmers, dragon keepers etc.

Dark Elven King (King - Rey, His/Her Highness - Su Alteza Real): since there is no religion apart from the view that one should be in touch with magic to be blessed, the King is also a religious leader. He is a rider of the oldest gold dragon. Legend says that he didn’t find an egg but a young beast already hatched and tamed it. For that he claimed the throne. There is only one King to rule and his power is not shared with a Queen. There are two reasons for that; one – dark elves do not recognize marriage and, two – the Queen would need to have just as powerful a dragon to dare to claim power too.

Why do they hide: In ancient times dark elves were friends with elves from lands of current Umbra and even let them ride dragons. However, Umbran ancestors used the beasts for their own personal gain as they tried to conquer the land, seize power, provoke wars and even turned dragons against each other. Because of that, dark elven ancestors used magic to flood a part of the old dragon land and decided never to unite with other races. Dark elves shave no interest in any goods as their utmost aim is personal growth.

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Dark Elves of Stef Khar
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