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 Obscurum Order

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No one knows how the order came to be for sure, but legend says Firdeth, a great assassin, gathered the rogues who lived out of the cities together and formed their own society. The order came about when the council began to place restrictions on these rogues and began imprisoning them. Legend says Firdeth murdered seven councilman in their own estates and threatened to kill more if the restrictions were not lifted. The council feared further retribution and did as was asked, thus began the reign of the order. In the beginning the order openly operated within the cities, but when several of their compounds were attacked they retreated into the shadows. For almost one hundred and seventy five years the order has operated in secret taking contracts for assassinations and scouting missions. If you need to contact them, good luck.

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Hierarchy of Obscurum Order

Doyen: Highest ranking officer of the Order, has control over nearly every aspect of work, laws and the monetary funds that pay for everything. These duties can be designated to others if need be, but decisions like the passing or vetoing of laws can only be made by this person alone. A Doyen may have three advisers, one for each of the various duties that they are responsible for, it would usually consist of a military, political and treasury adviser, one of these persons is usually being groomed to take the Doyen's place when he dies. Though they are well known as having the ear of the Doyen, advisers also hold a position within the Order, often a higher one due to the favoritism showed by the Doyen.

Sovereign and Governor: The leader of all Obscurum within a city answerable only to the Doyen. They are aided by the Governor who is charged with the oversight of all the safe houses and Overseers. While the Sovereign is charged with overall work done in a city, they if any work is done in the city it must be approved by them or else it is considered by the Order unlawful and punishable under their laws. Both the Sovereign and the Governor work together to make sure the city runs smoothly which included business and the profits from those businesses, whether they be legitimate or otherwise.

Overseer: The person who runs a specific house in a city, the purposes of these houses range from simply housing Operatives before, during and after operations to full scale smuggling and gambling rackets. Often managers of businesses, that are fronts for the Order, are the Overseers for the racket that is in the back, these persons then have the responsibility to run the books on both the business and the racket, making sure the taxes were paid to both the government and the Order.

Operative and Agent: A middle rank within the order, often an Operative will run small operations that are either designed to make the Order money and/or deal with specific problems with a city. Most Operatives have been in the Order for many years and has shown skills above those of mere Agents, who are those birthed into the life of the Order. They do menial tasks that are assigned of them and often are assistants or muscle for Operatives or any rank above, they are charged with aiding anyone above them without question to prove themselves worthy of advancement.

Nameless: A person who was plucked from the greatest among the Order and placed into obscurity. They alone have the power to break any law, whether it be of the government's making or by the Order, they can not be prosecuted for any crime whatsoever. This ability is granted by the Doyen and he alone can remove or relinquish such privileges, this means that if the Doyen feels the person in question has been compromised, they lose their protection from the law. Though this has never happened as the Nameless are picked from only the most dedicated and skilled among the Order. They are answerable only to the Doyen, and often only they know the true identity of the Nameless as most times they fake the death of the Nameless in order to sever all ties with friends and family.

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Obscurum Order
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