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 Cliff notes on Umbran RP wise history (incomplete)

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Cliff notes on Umbran RP wise history (incomplete) Empty
PostSubject: Cliff notes on Umbran RP wise history (incomplete)   Cliff notes on Umbran RP wise history (incomplete) Icon_minitimeThu Dec 24, 2015 2:24 pm

Autumn 6 years ago

- King Malefesto dies of old age leaving the Kingdom no heir
- The Council of Ten Ruling Clans in Umbra meet to appoint successors to the throne: Castus Riccio and Utrop Nethrana
- Castus Riccio hires Maitria Dwinanea to kill off the entire clan of Weavers
- The massacre of Enedost: Castus Riccio and Richard Bowman butcher the clan of Chattes and spread rumors of Utrop Nethrana standing behind the massacre and then they send their armies to the Nethrana estate and Nethrana conclave and murder the whole half-elven family, Maitria Dwinanea murders the Weavers and burns their estate
- Utrop Nethrana manages to escape and find refuge among the Dwinaneas where he meets Maitria and Baelathali
- Enedost Evacuation: elves and half-elves fearing Riccio and Bowman, known for their racists attacks, escape the capital and seek shelter in their home conclaves
- Meeting in the Redsel Forest: leaders willing to support Utrop’s rights to the throne (Gyssetylar, Gwaithenruin, Dwinanea and Feachnoiri) meet in the Redsel Forest where Nethrana takes a Blood Oath swearing allegiance to the Kingdom and makes a deal with Baelathali the Doyen of Obscurum Order; the members of the Order would become lawful citizens of the Kingdom and receive a voice in the Council


- the allied clans are sent to gather their armies and travel to Dwinanea Conclave where they are to train together and plan against the usurper
- Elleth Ladenves and Bereclan Aleanvirrea get married in the Aleanvirrea Conclave only a day after the death of Bereclan’s mother, Feranes
- Loraaga Gladomain contacts the new Aleanvirrea leaders and asks them to come to Dwinanea and join other clans in the upcoming war; she herself travels to her home conclave to prepare her army
- Obscurum spies bring news of Bowmans sent to attack Gwaithenruin and Aeron Perian rushes to warn his kinsmen
- Richard Bowman leads his army to the Gwaithenruin enclave; the half-elves try to fight off the attack, the united armies come to aid them but in the end the enclave falls and allied armies return to Dwinanea
- Calisto Drake comes up with an idea of getting into Enedost city
- Colin Weavers comes back to Umbra and learns about Calisto; he wishes to take away her leadership rights
- Enedost turns into a city controlled by Riccio and Bowman
- Valora Bowman learns about her uncle Richard who once raped and drugged the woman when she was still a child; recalling that she decides to aid Utrop and take over the Bowman clan


- Maitria, Calisto, Loraaga and Darius Moretti use tunnels under the Enedost city to get into the capital; the plan is to open the four gates at night of the attack and let the allied armies inside
- the battle of Enedost: the allied armies attack on the night of Richard Bowman’s wedding with Floriana Riccio, during the attack Aeron Perian kills Castus Riccio and Valora Bowman aids the cause with her army, she also kills her uncle, during that very fight Baelathali dies
- the allied armies take over the city
- Utrop asks Maitria to marry him
- Maitria resurrects Baelathali with the means of Necromancy though his return is kept secret
- Utrop gets crowned
- Aeron Perian becomes the lord governor of Enedost and the King’s Advisor
- Darius Moretti becomes the leader of the Obscurum Order, as Castus’s son he is granted by Utrop the right to the Riccio clan that now is united with the order and known by the common name Moretti
- Calisto and Colin are chosen by the Weaver Testament as co-leaders
- Septons led by Mace Lughnor, the Porro, infiltrate the leadership of Imladannon, learning vital information on Umbra for their upcoming attacks


- Utrop and Maitria get married and the woman becomes the Queen of Umbra
- Mace gathers information from Calisto who falls in love with him
- the Kingdom gets attacked by Septons; an Order of Priests of the Prime known for their hatred for Mages; Septon influence in the Ordinar kingdoms grew while Umbra was torn by the civil war
- Shosanna Eldhwen gives birth to Utrop’s son, Lyse
- allied armies are sent to the borders to protect the Kingdom: Weaver and Bowman to Amondor, Moretti to Tarsus, Gyssetylar and Aleanvirrea to Poznan, Feachnoiri and Dwinanea to Saregorod, Gwaithenruin is to protect the capital
- on her journey to Amondor Valora meets a warrior who turns out to be Baelathali
- Valora and Baelathali get married in Rhunbarad
- Bowman lead their army against Septons in the Argona Kingdom, there they lose a fourth of the army in the battle of Fager Borg (Nazaria)
- Valora is called back to Enedost and forbidden to lead any war campaigns


- Maitria tells Utrop about her practices of illegal magic, Necromancy, and tries to persuade him into making it legal
- Utrop learns about Maitria killing off the Weavers and throws the Queen into a dungeon
- Baelathali manages to persuade the King to let Valora leave Enedost
- Calisto begs the King to spare Maitria’s life, release her and keep the death of Weavers a secret
- Valora talks Darius into marrying Floriana
- Bowmans and the Queen head to Rhunbarad and seize the Argonan city of Baile
- Septons attack the city of Rhunbarad
- the King comes to Rhunbarad to aid their allies in the battle; Utrop gets wounded and Maitria becomes the only capable monarch


- the winter of centuries hits Umbra stopping the battle of Rhunbarad and trapping both sides
- when the weather changes Morettis manage to reach Rhunabard; Bowmans and the Queen manage to escape the city, Utrop gets seized by Septons
- in the meantime armies of Weaver, Gyssetylar and Aleanvirrea stationing in the city of Imladannon get trapped inside the city when Septons and Argona Ordinars come to seize it; the rest of the Kingdom doesn't know about the three clans dying out of hunger and diseases as Septons block any communication with their magic and use Neaniver Gondolin of Aleanvirrea who, drugged and manipulated, feeds false information to other Diviner messengers
- Elleth uses her True Seeing spell and learns about Imladannon, she joins the Queen, Bowmans and Morettis and the two armies head to Imladannon
- the battle of Imladannon is aided by Feachnoiris
- Queen Maitria uses a team of Necromancers and saves the city with a spell creating an army of zombies
- Mace Lughnor, the Porro of Septons, surrenders to Adoeak and Septons call for a retreat
- Onnyi Talos is appointed by the Queen as the co-leader of Dwinanea

Last spring

- allied armies try to regroup and rebuilt Imladannon
- Mace and Baelathali save Utrop from his prison in Rhunbarad
- the King declares invasion on Argona capital, Brispon

Cliff notes on Umbran RP wise history (incomplete) Adminsig
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Cliff notes on Umbran RP wise history (incomplete)
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