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 Cliff notes on Gyssetylar RP wise history (incomplete)

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Cliff notes on Gyssetylar RP wise history (incomplete) Empty
PostSubject: Cliff notes on Gyssetylar RP wise history (incomplete)   Cliff notes on Gyssetylar RP wise history (incomplete) Icon_minitimeThu Dec 24, 2015 2:26 pm

Synopsis of the last three years

Lady Loraaga Gladomain, clan leader of Gyssetylar, and Neaniver Gondolin, the only child of Beleganu Gondolin Chief Diviner of Clan Aleanvirrea, are in the clutches of the Knights of Altus during the Battle of Septons. Clan leader and Chief diviner son were interrogated and at times tortured By Septon Vasper Jennsen, Brodurr to the Porro Septon, for information. Days went by as a rescue attempt was planned and then initiated, led by Thandie Taletreader, long lost daughter of Loraaga, along with her ‘cousins’ the Darkbane sisters Aliuvial, Alimorel, and Alitranna. As this was occurring, Bereclan Aleanvirrea formulated a plan, together with the armies of Aleanvirrea, Dwinanea and Moretti, against those Altus fanatics’ forces before the besieged city. As the Septon battle that protected the border against the Ordinar army was nearing its end. Loraaga was transported back to the city by Vasper himself using his Levitaseo spell. Disoriented from her time held and where she was, she made her way back to the battle inside the keep by following the noise, only to be struck down with wizard fire by none other than Adoeak Harpsorcerer, the head of the Gyssetylar spy network. Lora was left for dead, thought to be an Ordinar until after the battle when she was found as the dead were picked up. As the clan warriors returned to their conclave, all things seemed to go back to their normal routine. Loraaga was placed in Medica where she recovered slowly from her burns that could not be healed with magic. Unbeknownst to all, the effects of the wizard fire went deeper since the brunt of it hit her left side, not only her mind but her heart. She had a constant heat that radiated from her and when Loraaga is close to Adoeak he has bouts of weakness, whereas Loraaga feels stronger. A connection not yet made by them since Adoeak was contently away on other business from the Gyssetylar. After the rescues, General Therella Darkbane took on the role of leader of the Gyssetylar Conclave as not just Loraaga but others from the clan, Therella’s husband Searos Darksbane included, were recovering.

Peace was not to be for long in Tallia as another disturbance raged in the boarders of Umbra. This time it was an internal threat as it was led by the Umbran Queen Maitria Dwinanea- Nethrana. She was been invoked by the Mage of all Mages, after the so called death of King Utrop Nethrana. The Mage of all Mages led her fellow necromancy forces into battle along with hordes of undead. As the main battle raged in the city, a good sized group of Gyssetylar troops led by Commander Erumaren Eruantien had been sent 2 weeks before on a classified mission to locate the dark art users within hamlets of Gyssetylar. Along with Commander Aliuvial Darksbane, leader of blackguard; Alimorel Darksbane, leader of the staff fighters; Alitranna Darksbane and Thandie Taletreader, they were part of the ‘Hunter Party’ of the fleeing Gyssetylar necromancers into the Redsel Forest along with the stealthy forest elves that resided within those vast woods. Troops led by General Therella Darksbane leader of the armed forces of Gyssetylar along with Lord Riceak Mistletoe, Searos Darksbane, Mardak Joysword, Krandor Kevriltale and Adoven Pegason were fighting necromancers near the Gravelight Marshes. After the horde was ceased by the Umbrian clans in the city, the queen was arrested and stripped of her powers at the palace by the Dragon Lynnianna’s fire.

In the aftermath of what had happened in Umbra the Gyssetylar clan was on a heightened alert. During this time of high guardedness they became less carefree and more Xenophobic. This passed from months to years as the elves focused on rebuilding the conclave. During this time when a shadow fell over the women as none were able to conceive who lived in the conclave. At first it seemed local until word came that Aleanvirreaians were not conceiving either. Lady Loraaga Gladomain had an inquiry set forth to the causes of this. Aiofe Dawntracker and her Medica team had found a foreign substance in all the populaces’ blood that lived and worked in the House of Gyssetylar. During this time of investigation one of Adoeak Harpsorcerer’s spies came into information that was of shocking nature. He had witnessed Graceella Woodsoul, Loraaga's mother late at night saying words while placing a thin film of paste inside the cup, pot, spoon and bowl as she readied tea and sweet biscuits for Hania and Loraaga. Adoeak retold the information to Loraaga and General Therella Darksbane. As Graceella admitted she had been doping her daughter and son-in-law with foreign herbs so she would not conceive an animalistic child with her shape shifter husband, Hania Kajika. Not only Graceella but others in her mother’s inner circle were found to be against the coupling of the shape shifter and the clan leader. The shocked Loraaga confrontation with her mother, whose confession and reasoning only jammed a knife in Lora’s heart. This was disturbing news that was further investigated by Adoeak Harpsorcerer’s spies. They traced the foreign herbs back to the port city of Genova and from there to the manor of the Sisters of Artemus. As Adoeak’s was informed a second spy mysteriously disappeared after getting close to the Sisters of Artemus the infuriated Adoeak and General Darkbane both agreed other ways of gathering intel was needed as an alias was formed. During this time of discovery, Ekkalia Paturass Nightowl woke from her mired life with Lord Davlamin Dawntracker as most of his time was teaching at the University and his other extra activities. Ekkalia hearing the mischief the Sisters of Artemus hand played she decided now was the time to find the truth of her sons Karl and Paul whereabouts from the Sisters and came back to the conclave.

Orders were sent forth to ‘cleanse’ the whole conclave, especially the kitchen as the cooking interments and vessels had been infused with the foreign poison. Aiofe testing the items confirmed that anyone who consumed of the conclave’s food would have been affected. With this news and not knowing if the destruction of or fumes from burning would affect the populace as it released the toxic vapors in the air. The whole conclave, especially the kitchen and dining hall were stripped and scrubbed by hand and magic spells. All instruments used for preparing, serving and eating meals in the whole of the conclave were placed in metal lined boxes. The larger tables and such were also placed in the deep pit that was lined in Lyme as new ones were made to replace. When the pit was dug for the items the first hole collapsed so they had another dug further away from the conclave. Further investigation by Aiofe Dawntracker and her Medica team showed such a high amount was throughout Lady Loraaga Gladomain then the other women of the conclave; they feared she was now sterile. All was not lost for the Gyssetylar clan when after five months of citizens being cleansed of the toxins in their systems; Bryndis Leifsson was with child by Aleanvirrea Diviner Neaniver Gondolin, Lora’s former co-prisoner. A concert and celebration of sorts was held at the Aleanvirrea conclave. A moody Loraaga, her mate Hania Kajika, a royal from the Osalria Island of shape shifters and her daughter Thandie Taletreader watched the festivities with all the elven clans who took part in the festivities. As a result of animosity Loraaga felt the clan had toward Hania, and a need of time away from the situation to think, she decided it was time to step away from the conclave. Loraaga had a ship readied and her small family left the festivities early. After the last of the provisions were loaded for them to sail to Osalria to introduce Hania’s wife Loraaga and her daughter Thandie to his family, they were surprised to see Erumaren Eruantien had joined them. On the same night Ekkalia Paturass Nightowl went to confront The Sisters of Artemus. As the ship departed the Bay of Tenebre Loraaga turned her back on the retreating shoreline and looked forward to her husband’s land.

Back at conclave interim leader Therella Darkbane, Aiofe Dawntracker and Adoeak Harpsorcerer each had their roles to play in the investigation of the mysterious toxin. Therella not only ran the conclaves business with the clans advisors she also was the one to interrogate Graceella Woodsoul and her cohorts. Aiofe worked diligently on investigating the paste made from the substances not known in Umbra. Her teams of healers were deep into breaking down the foreign substance along with the aftermath of the toxins effects on the populace. Adoeak and his contacts had a new plan to infiltrate The Sisters of Artemus and where they came from. During this time the areas around the hamlets of Poznan who were being plagued with outlaws attacking the merchant caravans had gotten worse and murder was now added to the list of crimes against Gyssetylar. Commander Aliuvial Darksbane, and her blackguards were sent to investigate the crimes that soon led to the Redsel Forest and the elves with in its canopies. After Loraaga, her mate Hania, Thandie and Erumaren arrived at Osalria; Erumaren left them using the Levitaseo spell from one of the crew members.

Cliff notes on Gyssetylar RP wise history (incomplete) Adminsig
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Cliff notes on Gyssetylar RP wise history (incomplete)
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