Kingdom of Umbra

Umbra, Argona, Rhodd Duw, Topeli, Stef Khar and... what's that one we never use? Oh yeah, Manannan.
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 Maps for Tallia and Umbra

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PostSubject: Maps for Tallia and Umbra   Maps for Tallia and Umbra Icon_minitimeThu Dec 24, 2015 2:31 pm

Maps for Tallia and Umbra Tallia10

Maps for Tallia and Umbra Umbra10

Courtesy of Hercule Dumont.

Maps for Tallia and Umbra Bilgor12

Vichy Bilgoraj - Eau Bleu (Ooh Bluh, French: Blue Water)
Topeli Bilgoraj - 노란 태양 (Nohrahn Taeyang, Korean: Yellow Sun)
Argonan Bilgoraj - Zielona Trawa (zyelohnah Travah, Polish: Green Grass)
Brulee - (Brewlee, French: Burnt)

Maps for Tallia and Umbra Adminsig

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PostSubject: Re: Maps for Tallia and Umbra   Maps for Tallia and Umbra Icon_minitimeSat Mar 04, 2017 4:11 pm

Crime sectors in Enedost by Hurin

"[...] The town square has four main roads leading to it; these are patrolled by the Royal Knights and used by most of the citizens because they're safe, but there are eight more smaller alleys, dark and piss smelling where at night, you'd so need an escort. The north ones are for those who seek sexual pleasures; the one next to the apothecary leads to Madame Olga's and the one close to the Two Kegs is for those who don't mind shagging right in the open. The west ones are for drug dealers; if you want something stronger than booze, use the Treasury Bank way, and if you want to inhale, make sure to head in the direction of the Ecumene Park. [...] Well, then if you need someone to use magic for you, go towards the Magistrate Office, want to buy a dark object charged with a nasty hex? Then just turn left at the Theater of Nine Muses. Where you went [...] was a territory of pit snatchers. The pit is a lovely place, you know, away in the Redsel Forest where illegal fighting takes place. Somehow I can't see you fighting with the very definition of thugs."
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Maps for Tallia and Umbra
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