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 Kylo Skene

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Kylo Skene


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PostSubject: Kylo Skene   Fri Feb 12, 2016 8:11 pm

Name: Kylo Odin Skene
From: Somerset of Poznan
Age: 36
Sex: Male

This is the life of Kylo Skene; he was born during the summers of Poznan in Somerset city to lonely young handmaiden who worked for the O'Brien family. 36 years ago an unknown handmaiden Merida had an amour with Tomas on one sunny day, they met in Imladannon just outside the city in a field. The sun was high in the sky and the field was full of flowers, they had spent the evening out. Soon Tomas had to return to his duties while Merida returned to her home in the city.

25 years later Merida's son Kylo Skene took over his family farm after she got sick. He went out one morning to the market to buy some medicine for his mother. Heading into the village square Kylo bumped into a young girl, she was 18 with blonde hair and blue eyes. Anna was on her way to the marketplace for some food. It was love at first sight, they were together every day taking care of his mother, Anna cooked for both of them as he tended to the fields.

Sadly two years later Merida passed away, Kylo was alone until Anna, the love of his life, had moved in. His life we good again since his mother, every day the young man,made sure to finish early so he and Anna could have time together. Five years later things did not end up too well for the couple as Anna came down with an illness, Kylo did all he could but she soon passed.

4 years later Kylo's house was falling apart as his plowing steed died. He was depressed, alone and lacking money for basic needs and so he decided to seek a job. Kylo gabbed his bag from the chair tossing in his farming journal and a sack with 1 silver piece and 50 bronze pieces. Wrapped up in his old cloak he headed north to Verdanon, north-west to Nethrana through Redsel Forest to the city of Enedost.
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Kylo Skene
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