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 Fionn ó Amadán

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PostSubject: Fionn ó Amadán   Mon May 02, 2011 1:41 pm

Name: Fionn ó Amadán

Race: Human

Age: 34

Physical Description: 6'1'', Long blond hair, long beard, face and body tattoos

History: Fionn was born in the woods to a human family belonging to the Féachnóirí. His childhood was spent felling trees and learning to fight. At night his Grandfather would regale the family of tales of great battles and Fionn always listened intently, wishing he had fought side by side on the battlefield with his Grandfather Cullen. When chores would be finished Fionn and his brothers would be schooled in swordsmanship by their father and in the art of magic by their mother. Fionn didn't have much ability as a mage but quickly mastered the sword and when he was old enough went out into the world to find his way.

He spent years with his brothers of the Féachnóirí fighting battles and on one particular day, in the greatest battle of his life at the Brú na Boínne Fionn lost both of his brothers. The only surviving male member of his family of his generation Fionn gave up fighting in the great battles with his kind, instead wandering around various towns and villages, never stopping for long but earning his keep by either doing physical work or taking on shady jobs. Always keeping himself to himself Fionn can be found in the dark corners of any tavern, or trying to find work. Fionn is always accompanied by his faithful hound, Cú, who wears the same clan markings on his collar.
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Fionn ó Amadán
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