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 Utrop Nethrana

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PostSubject: Utrop Nethrana   Mon May 02, 2011 1:43 pm

Name: Utrop (Roar) Nethrana (Young Wanderer)

Race: Half-elf

Age: 95

Primary Magics: Abjuration

Utrop was once the head of the youngest Council family. The Nethrana were very popular among the more progressive families. Unlike most elves or half elves they thrived in politics quickly becoming one of the most powerful families on the Council.

When the King died of old age and the Council nominated candidates for the throne of Umbra Kingdom, Utrop was supported by Feranes Aleanvirrea, Aidan Feachnoiri and Banegurth Dwinanea. His opponent, Castus Riccio was supported by Richard Bowman and Manon Chattes. Lymus Gyssetylar and Landon Gwaithenruin never gave their support to any of the candidates and Atropos Weaver supported Aidan Feachnoiri.

Wanting to get rid of his opponent, Castus Riccio murdered with the help of Chattes and Bowman, Utrop's family forcing the half-elf to escape from his Enedost mansion in the middle of the night while his family was butchered and the estate burned. Nethrana managed to reach Banegurth Dwinanea and ask him for help and protection.

Dwinanea contacted the man with Maitria Weaver who took Utrop to the Obscurum Order Doyen, Baelathali. The half-elf promised to help Utrop providing the future King would repay his debt one day. Nethrana demanded they both swore the Oath while Lady Weaver was their witness. Ever since that Utrop stayed in the safe house under Baelathali's protection planning his revenge on Riccio.
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Utrop Nethrana
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