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 Maldeth Kaglrar

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PostSubject: Maldeth Kaglrar   Mon May 02, 2011 1:45 pm

Name: Maldeth Kaglrar

Race: Half-Elf

Age: 359

Primary Magic : Necromancy - Master Skill

Secondary Magic: Illusion - Specialist Skill

Physical Description:


Maldeth Kaglrar was born 359 years ago, with the name Noraan, to Jainya and Liro Songrat of House Dwinanea. At the age of 13 he performed his first magic by causing his opponent to flee in fear. Unsure what he had done, he searched through all the records about magic he could find. Upon learning that it was a Necromancer ability, he devoted himself to the art, and was an apprentice by the time he was 20. At the age of 45, he had advanced to Specialist, and his mood and demeanor turned dark. He was careful not to let anyone see him use his Necromancer abilities, but his soul had been blackened.

At the tender age of 87, he had advanced his magic to the rank of Expert, and become slightly withdrawn. Not venturing out a lot unless he had to. His Magic was the most powerful of all Necromancers in the region. He had bested most challengers in combat, and would soon be advanced further, becoming a Master. However, when he Enervated his instructor, and killed him, the Necromancer elders decided Noraan wasn't ready to be a Master, and excluded him from the testing phase. Upon hearing the elders decision, Noraan became infuriated, and murdered all eight of them.

Fleeing the region with stolen Magic books and scrolls, Noraan changed his name to Maldeth to escape capture. By the time he was 150 years old, he had mastered all of the spells in the Elder's books, and appointed himself Master of Masters. Certain that all who were after him for the murder of the Necromancer Elders, were dead, Mordeth returned to Enedost.

On the outskirts of the city, Maldeth cam across an Elf wandering around, seemingly lost. Using his magic, Maldeth took over the Elf's body. His soul being forced out, and into the Jar Maldeth always carried with him. Under the appearence of an Elf, Maldeth entered the city, and took a room at the Dwinanea Estate. There he remains. At the age of 359 years, Maldeth spends his time training those skilled in the art of Necromancy, secretly.

He is currently training Maitria in the art. Although overzealous, her ability is surpassed only by his. She will be his greatest achievment. He only hopes that her head doesn't swell as her power advances.

Around 223 years old, Maldeth took on the secondary magic art of Illusion. Being able to hide who and what he is has always concerned Maldeth. Upon reaching Specialist Skill, he is no longer worried about others divining who or what he is.
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PostSubject: Re: Maldeth Kaglrar   Thu Apr 03, 2014 4:21 pm

Having joined Rue, Maitria, and Bael in the Link, Maldeth led the group out as they prepared for battle.... This was the last memory the Master Necromancer had before waking in Redsel Forest.

Unsure how much time had passed, and how he got to the forest, Maldeth wandered around aimlessly for a spell. Finally arriving at a small pond with crystal clear water, he glanced into the depths, able to clearly see the bottom, and all the inhabitants of said pond. Fish darted back and forth just beneath the glass-like surface. Snakes and water insects skimmed the top. All heading away from the man with the pale translucent skin, white hair shored close to the scalp, and icy blue eyes showing no emotion. No warmth. Clad in a simple white cloth shirt, brown leather breeches, and boiled leather, soft-soled calf high boots, Maldeth stared at his new form and marveled at the musculature. But it was the tattoo that gave him the greatest pause in his search. The Elf stared intently at the colors that marred his flawless skin.

Nestled perfectly center of the left palm, was the form of a strange star burst. Beginning as a point in the direct center of the palm, and radiating outward in a series of blue and red wavy lines. The more he followed the lines, the more surprised he became as he noticed a splash of color trailing up his forearm.

Swiftly pulling the sleeve of his shirt up, he admired and incredibly detailed, colorful and vivid tattoo of a golden scaled dragon. It's long, sinuous body was curled around the etching of a sword, it's blade awash with bright red blood. Even as he stared at the incredible picture, the dragon seemed to move so realistic was the tattoo.

In all, the dragon and sword combination stretched from the elbow to the wrist. The tail wrapping slightly around the point of the star burst closest to the wrist. The sword lay point towards the inner part of his elbow, it's intricately drawn hilt and guard in gold and silver.The pommel was a crouching dragon in the style of a winged nightmare, facing outwards towards Maldeth with it's two eyes glittering the cool green of emerald. It's tail curved down and around to form the swords  tip.

In contrast to the intricate hilt, the guard was a much more simple affair. It was a straight bar tipped by two outward pointing spikes in the shape of claws. Still, it drew the eyes forward and onto the blade, two-sided and straight in the broadsword format. Along the blood groove, five strange characters in a language Maldeth vaguely recognized, were etched in black in stark contrast to the red and silver of the bloodied blade itself, which dripped blood down both it's sides and from it's tip. The sword as a whole was about the distance between outstretched thumb and forefinger in length and two finger widths wide.

Out of the two distinct images, the dragon was the larger. It's long, serpentine body started at the elbow and curved to the left, behind the blade's tip to run up the swords left hand side almost three finger widths. There it then coiled over the blade and back behind to bring the broad, horned head in behind the sword's hilt, forked tongue flickering as it's single visible eye glittered a menacing amber, the slit pupil wide.

From there, the right fore-claw, hooked around the left guard from the bottom, the left fore-claw around the grip from the right. The hind claws gripped the blade near the tip, some of the blood coloring the claws themselves a deep crimson. the body's scales were a brilliant scarlet and the ridge along the back, claws, the muzzle, and the horns about the eye were gold. The tail curved back to the right and curled once around Maldeth's elbow before ending in a spike.
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Maldeth Kaglrar
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