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 Calisto Lete Drake Weaver

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PostSubject: Calisto Lete Drake Weaver   Calisto Lete Drake Weaver Icon_minitimeMon May 02, 2011 1:47 pm

Name: Calisto Lete Drake Weaver

Race: Human, the Marked

Age: 25 human years old.

Physical Description:

Calisto Lete Drake Weaver Calisto


Calisto was an only child. Named after her grandmother she was born in winter in the family of Lete and Sorg Drake, the Ordinars. Her mother died giving birth to the baby girl and Calisto was brought up by her father. Sorg was a broken man after his wife's death and deep in his heart he always blamed Calisto for her mother's death. The relationship between the two was very cold and it made the girl very quiet and avoiding anyone's company.

At the age of 13 Calisto discovered the Mark on her left side, shaped like a leaf. One night, when Sorg was drinking heavily and at some point him and his daughter started the usual fight over Lete the man hit the girl and Calisto's powers revealed themselves. She put the man into heavy sleep and ran from home.

On her way to the Capital City of Enedost she was found by her extended family of the Marked ones, the Weavers. Taken to their Estate she was trained in Enchantments.

Always a loner and suspicious of others Calisto devoted all her time to training soon becoming a perfectionist. Adopted by the Weaver clan she never felt a strong emotional connection with them apart from gratitude and loyalty. Her story begins with the girl taking her final test in the School of Magic in Enedost.
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Calisto Lete Drake Weaver
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