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 Richard Bowman

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PostSubject: Richard Bowman   Mon May 02, 2011 1:48 pm

Name: Richard Bowman

Race: Human

Age: 41

Magic: Conjuration- Expert


Richard Bowman had been born in one of the countryside estates of the Bowman family. He had been the pride and joy of his mother and father, an only child that they doted on well into his adulthood. He was given an excellent education by private tutors, no need to send him to Enedost for schooling. In his childhood he frequently got caught up in trouble with his friends but always managed to get away without any punishment from his parents. They always understood that he was not at fault, after they spoke about whatever had happened.

He was self indulgent and lazy for the most part in his teen years but when his parents died mysteriously he found that he enjoyed the running of there small estate on the Bowman lands and took to the new tasks with gusto. He had married, his wife Henrietta bearing them 3 children before dying in childbirth with the fourth, who was stillborn. He had two sons, Siegbert and Ronald, and a daughter, Abigail. Siegbert was the favored child, and Ronald was doted on by his nanny for his crossed eyes. Abigail promised to be somewhat attractive, but it would be awhile before he could marry her off to gain them some prestige.

He began keeping track of the goings on in Enedost, and visiting the town more after the death of his wife. He aspired to move his family up in the world, but couldn't seem to find the way to do it. Until more members of the Bowman family began to die unexpectedly. Some believed that family members killed each other off, others that they were being assassinated by an outside force.

Over the years all the primary members of Bowman had been dispatched. And they had been followed by others. Richard Bowman was by no means a first, or even fifth choice for the the leadership of the Bowman. But due to a spiraling lack of options, he was now the head of the Bowman family. At the age of 39 Richard had moved to Enedost and taken the Council seat for the Bowman family.
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Richard Bowman
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