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 Castus Proximo Riccio

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PostSubject: Castus Proximo Riccio   Castus Proximo Riccio Icon_minitimeMon May 02, 2011 1:49 pm

Name: Castus Proximo Riccio


Age: 43

Physical Description:
Castus Proximo Riccio Riccioav1

History: Castus was the Second born son of Maximus Riccio. During his childhood he and his brother Antonius led a life of luxury and privilege receiving the best schooling and training his father could afford. As Castus grew older he began to despise his role as second born for the family. One day while his brother and he were rough housing on the top floor, Castus threw his brother from the window killing the young man instantly. No one witnessed the event or even suspected Castus capable of killing his own brother, so the death was considered a tragic accident.

After the funeral Castus began his studies to take over the family when his father passed on as well as advanced training in magic. Castus became particularly proficient in Evocation and was quickly trained to focus on it. By the time he was 25 he was his father's confidant and adviser for the family. He was married to Cassandra, the daughter of a smaller but powerful family in Umbra. The marriage secured a merger of the family into Riccio which gave them more power. While she bore him three sons and two daughters he is by no means loyal, he has been known to take on a mistress or two every few years, most of whom serve at his estate.

At 32 his father passed from an illness and took the council seat vacated by his father. He thought taking this seat of power would calm his ambitions, but instead it caused his lust for power to grow. For more than ten years he has plotted his rise to the thrown of Umbra.
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Castus Proximo Riccio
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