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 Darius Moretti

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Darius Moretti
Darius Moretti

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Name: Darius Moretti

Race: Human

Age: 28

Primary Magic/Specialty: Illusion

Secondary Magic/Specialty: Swords

Physical Description:
Darius Moretti The_prestige02

History: Darius was born in a back alley of Genova, it was by mere happenstance that a young woman came upon the body of Darius's mother who was beaten and mercilessly tortured in an attempt to kill the babe that now lay at the feet of the dead mother. Darius, being the illegitimate son of Castus Riccio, was to be executed by Maximus to protect the bloodline. The young woman took the babe in and protected him from the guards long enough for her to smuggle him out of the province. Though it is unknown to him it was Baelathali, the future Doyen of the Obscurum Order that had been tasked with his rescue and trek to the capital where he could be cared for by his grandparents.

Though they looked after him the best they could Darius was not one for the structure provided to him by those who cared for his well being. He was constantly being scolded for fighting which caused much tension between them. When Darius was twelve his grandparents died in a fire that had swept through the slums of Enedost. Alone and without shelter Darius took to thievery to survive in the harsh environment. It was not until two years later when he attempted to steal from a half elf who passed through the slums did he find his true purpose. Even though the half elf caught him red handed Darius was not punished, in fact he was given several jobs to steal for the half elf. These were merely tests as to the skill of Darius which he passed easily and from that day on he was trained by the Order in magic and combat.

Five years later, his training complete, he was given rank and privileges in the Order and assigned to several of its leaders to do various tasks. During this time he worked closely with Baelathali who was the right hand of Laryl the current Doyen. After Baelathali became Doyen he was given a position within the Ordinar's lands.
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Darius Moretti
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