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 Elleth Skansom Ladenves-Aleanvirrea

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PostSubject: Elleth Skansom Ladenves-Aleanvirrea   Mon May 02, 2011 1:54 pm

Name: Elleth Skansom Ladenves-Aleanvirrea

Race: Elf

Age: 152

History: Elleth (a free person) Skansom (gentle) Ladenves was born over 152 years ago and due to a dream her mother, a priestess of the All Father had, the girl was destined for great things. Therefore, the girl’s names were chosen carefully as her mother believed that they would define Elleth’s life later on. At the age of fifteen, she was sent to her mage teacher, a Divinator who taught the girl everything about the discipline. By the age of sixty, Elleth was already an expert loving in particular speaking and understating all tongues, True Seeing and Foresight. She excelled so much as every moment of her life was devoted to practicing magic. For that reason she developed strong feelings about respect, tradition, loyalty ad duty.

Elleth’s father was a lot older than her mother and his family was famous within the Aleanvirrea clan for their healing skills. Therefore, when Elleth finished her Divination studies, she got occupied with learning secrets of healers. That meant further studies into plants, herbs, animals, crystals and finally brewing potions.

When Elleth’s father died, her mother tried to find comfort in religious practices and it was Elleth who took place of the old Ladenves and became the leader of the healers’ clan. When one late evening she was called to the court of her distant cousins, the mighty Aleanvirreas, the Divinator never expected what was about to happen.
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Elleth Skansom Ladenves-Aleanvirrea
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