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 Aidan Féachnóirí

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PostSubject: Aidan Féachnóirí   Aidan Féachnóirí Icon_minitimeMon May 02, 2011 1:55 pm

Name: Aidan Féachnóirí

Age: 59

Race: Human


Aidan was born the first son of Caoibhe and Mallochy Féachnóirí. They had 10 children altogether 4 male children and 6 female. Aidan being the oldest was molded from a young age to take the place of Councilman when his father passed. But as with all men amongst the Féachnóirí he was trained in the art of warfare.
He was introduced to Aoife, a beautiful young woman, with strawberry blond hair and a lithe body. His mother intended her to be his wife, and within a year of courting he married her. She bore him 6 children. 5 girls and one boy.
Aidan was very proud of his son and had him fostered at the age of 8 with a great warring family in the clan.

Aidan became the leader of the Féachnóirí at the age of 34. He and his brothers had grown up together forming a strong bond and were known as the fiercest warriors of the Féachnóirí. As a very young man Aidan had been rash, but as he grew into adulthood and fought with his brothers at his side he learned wisdom and patience. He became renowned as one of the best leaders the clan had known in this age. He had always been a cheerful man but events in his life subdued that golden side of him, causing him to be more skeptical, but still a fine warrior and leader. The death of his son in battle was the most galling of those events, and although it was not uncommon amongst their clan for sons to fall before their fathers, he would always have an empty place in his heart for his lost son. Since the death of the boy he doted even more time on his daughters.

He had taken the Council seat when his own father died, having filled the dual position of Leader and Councilman for 15 years he finally decided it time to pass the torch of war leader on to another, Fionn.
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Aidan Féachnóirí
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