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 Quintus Varius Riccio

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PostSubject: Quintus Varius Riccio   Mon May 02, 2011 1:58 pm

Name: Quintus Varius Ricco

Race: Human

Age: 30

History: Quintus was the first born son of Brutus Ricco, brother of Maximus. During his early childhood Quintus had all the luxuries the family provided their own. Quintus was instructed in the art or warfare by his father and generals of the family. He spent his days training and relaxing, and enjoying the company of many beautiful women.

People say his lust for women will be his downfall. He often was punished for missing lessons due to fatigue from the night before. Quintus was never terribly interested in the affairs of the family and only became a General as his cousin Castus wanted family he could control in powerful positions. Quintus saw the appointment as a burden, distracting from the pleasures being a Ricco brought with it.
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Quintus Varius Riccio
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