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 Bereclan Aleanvirrea

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Bereclan Aleanvirrea
Bereclan Aleanvirrea

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Name: Bereclan Aleanvirrea

Race: Elf

Age: 135

Bereclan (Bere - strong, clan - variation of Kano, commander) Aleanvirrea is the oldest son of a strong Elven mother and a relatively weak father. His mother was the power behind the family seat, ruling as a shadow matriarch while her husband was the figurehead. All in the clan knew this, and accepted it as the best that they could hope for. When the patriarch' died, his widow was quickly granted the headship of the family.

Bereclan was the only son of his parents, and his mother quickly took charge of his life from the moment of birth, even choosing the name 'strong commander' for him as she wanted him to always think that he should not be like his father was.

Like other Elven families, the Aleanvirrea remained largely apart from Human and even Half-Elven families, but learned of them and their traditions. The family behaved formally with other families.

His mother wanted him to marry a strong female, much like herself. She was not satisfied with the current crop of suitors available to him from leading houses, and she made plans of her own for her son.
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Bereclan Aleanvirrea
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