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 Thorin Ovack

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Name: Thorin Ovack
Race: Dwarf
Gender: Male
Age: 64

Physical Description:
Height: 51” (4’ 3”)
Weight: 200#
Hair: Fire red, Beard typically kept in a double braid with gold place keeper weights at the ends (at about his waist)
Eyes: Coal black
Build: Heavy, even by dwarf standards

History: Born into the rebuilding of the Great Dwemer nation, Thorin Ovack was quickly ushered into his family trade of renowned blacksmith’s at the very young age of 10. His abnormal fire red hair constantly raised questions about his mother’s faithfulness since both Thorin’s parents had dark brown/gray hair, and the constant bullying by the other children made it a necessity to send Thorin on his trade apprenticeship prematurely. The constant bullying also forged Thorin into a fierce infighter, mainly out of necessity, and gave him a stout reputation as a brawler.

His apprenticeship took longer than expected, but did turn out an excellent ‘smith with a specialty in alloy creation. His forge work also honed his ability to use either hand/arm with equal precision.

Upon returning home as a newly minted ‘smith, he found that his parents had long since been killed in a raid by a rival clan. He swore vengeance for his family’s deaths and spent a full six years conducting raids of his own. Many a Dwemer died at Thorin’s hands.

Eventually vindicating his blood pact by killing the entire family of the raid leader that killed his parents, Thorin returned to his childhood home to try to salvage a normal life, only to find the clan’s home deserted. He searched for anything that would tell him what had happened, but found nothing.

Thorin decided to seek out a life as a mercenary/smith/armorer amongst the Ordinars he had heard about in training. Good profits could be made if the smith’s trade was good, or so his master told him and there was also lager, lots of lager.
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Thorin Ovack
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