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 Arcavius Bowman

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Arcavius Bowman
Arcavius Bowman

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Name: Arcavius Bowman

Race: Human

Age: 24

Primary Magics: Divination, Specialist level

Arcavius was born into the family Bowman as a bastard child of Alan Bowman. In the eyes of Alan Bowman, Arcavius was a mistake and just a nuisance to him. The two often fought especially when Arcavius grew older. To keep Arcavius out of his life, Alan paid for personal combat trainers for him to teach him sword fighting and archery. He served in the Bowman army for a short time during his teen years but found the life of a soldier to be dull with no real fighting to be done apart for his father's campaigns to keep peace at the borders. When his father was killed, Arcavius wasn't saddened a bit and almost rejoiced the fact that he was now gone.

After leaving the army, Arcavius set out from his home in Umbra when he was twenty years old to travel the outer realms with the Ordinars. There he found a small band of assassins and thieves. Arcavius began obsessing over learning the arts of stealth and killing. Soon, he became a assassin himself and during his short time with the order, Arcavius gained a reputation throughout the land as being merciless and absolutely relentless.
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Arcavius Bowman
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